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Album review: Bootsy Collins' 'Tha Funk Capital of the World'

Bootsy_240 Bootsy Collins has called his new studio album a “musical biography,” and insomuch as it outlines the influences that helped shape the flamboyant singer-bassist's creative worldview, “Tha Funk Capital of the World” lives up to its billing: Throughout this cameo-stuffed 17-track set, Collins and his pals (including Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Bela Fleck and Samuel L. Jackson) waste no opportunity to describe the formative impact of such funk-scene forefathers as James Brown and George Clinton, both of whom Collins famously backed. In “Mirrors Tell Lies,” he even creates music to accompany a scratchy sample of Jimi Hendrix answering questions in a press conference.

The characteristically festive result is generous to a fault: Collins triggers warm memories but leaves us with only a shallow sense of how precisely his four decades in the business have affected him as a man. “Real stars have no names,” he insists near the album's end, which isn't true at all (as the rest of “Funk Capital” demonstrates). One real star is named Bootsy Collins. Wouldn't it be great to learn something new about him?

— Mikael Wood

Bootsy Collins
“Tha Funk Capital of the World”
Two stars (Out of four)

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Actually I think it's a testimony to his massive influence that Bootsy was able to decenter himself so much on this recording and shine the flashlight on the other members of the band and still have it come out clearly as a Bootsy Collins album. His playing is reminiscent of the lines he laid down for the Brides of Funkenstein's "Funk or Walk." No frills, just complete ass-kicking funk on the four-string bass.

bootsy best album yet the funk capital but dont make it so hard for your homeboy from tampa,fl to comment when i met u and jb after hours at cozy corner in 1979 u said the funk would live forever and u did not lie. but your message on your last release gave more than the funk it gave a happy tear u kept my family together for this message... luv you and all your youngins on this album funk capital.

like i said best album ever not with the funk but much more thanks for the vets and the youngins you had representing it brought more than funk meaning a tear of hope to keep my family together and not running from the quickness of kids knowledge. luv to all j brown i still and always will feel u i didnt wash my left hand for three days hand when jb shook it in 1979.

its not the 4 strings its the funk bra


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