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Bikes, cities, love and music: Fmly explores the roads and sounds of Los Angeles


In Sunday's Calendar section, I write about Fmly, a young grass-roots collective that's best known in Los Angeles for its monthly bike rides that stop along points on the West Side for outdoor concerts. While it's the most public of its outreach efforts so far, Fmly, started by Cameron Rath, an Antioch University student living in Venice, has many ambitious goals. In the next few months, Rath and his network of kindred spirits are hoping to build a community center that will function as a hub for practices that touch on sustainable living, and the connection and community to be found in art and performance.

The next ride will be April 2, so get your tires checked and your helmet ready for another adventure around Los Angeles, scored live by the city's most energetic of underground bands. You can never be sure what you'll get from Fmly on any given night -- five or six acts play each ride, the sounds ranging from salted punk to wafting electronica to meltdown hip-hop -- but that is part of the thrill.

-- Margaret Wappler

Photo of a FMLY ride, with Rath in chicken suit. Credit: Stefano Paltera / For The Times

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I have watched this move from bike rides to whole environmental movement. This is an amazing group of young adults determined to get people to think. It's refreshing!

amazing!! more photos please!

You can find a bunch of videos from past rides here: http://thefmly.com/fmly-playhouse/


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