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Over at the Envelope: Exene Cervenka's brilliant ideas on how she'd change the Oscars

February 24, 2011 | 11:45 am

Exene Cervenka needs no introduction -- or shouldn't, if you have any sense of the history of L.A. music. As singer for X, the Knitters and her own solo work with the Original Sinners, Cervenka has created an essential body of music. Less known, though, for obvious reasons, are her thoughts on the Oscars, which take place Sunday. Cervenka recently sat down with the Envelope to give her ideas on what she'd do different were she to produce the awards show.

Which award categories would you add? Which need deleting?
Best animal in lead and supporting roles. I’d also add strangest performance.

What part of the telecast would you remove? And what would you replace it with?
I’d replace all of it with a cartoon about self-esteem so people would watch it.

Which part of the Oscars would you never change?
Best song.

Do you have a favorite song nominee from the past?
Elliott Smith for “Miss Misery.” He was up against Céline Dion for “My Heart Will Go On.” I read an interview where he said how gracious she was to him.

The fashion parade on the red carpet seems to have become as important a part of the ceremony as the awards themselves. What dress code rules would you mandate there?
Put everyone on an even playing field. Give them each  $200. They have to get their outfit and jewelry from either a thrift store or an independent designer who is out of work or broke.

Read the rest of the Q&A at our awards blog, the Envelope.

-- Randall Roberts

Photo: Exene Cervenka in 2009. Credit: Ricardo DeAratanha /Los Angeles Times