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Grammy Awards: We are now expecting Eminem to lose album of the year

With Lady Antebellum winning best country album (undeserved), as well as song of the year (undeserved) and now record of the year (alas, undeserved), rapper Eminem should now be considered a surprise album of the year win. If so, Grammy voters have again turned their back on hip-hop, as multiple albums from Kanye West (all of them superior to Eminem's exercise in self-hate that is "Recovery") should have won.

It would also be the second year in a row that a country artist surprised, as Taylor Swift's "Fearless," though a massive hit, wasn't seen as an album of the year shoe-in. 

-- Todd Martens

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Okay, Todd- you just proved you have no business making comments about music. Yes, Eminem is talented but just because you are biased towards rappers does not negate the talent of the other artists.

eminem should not have lost! He should have won album of the year. for this, i will N.E.V.E.R watch this show again!

Is this writer serious??? Lady Antebellum should have been considered the hands on favorite by hacks like this guy. Let this hopefully serve as a wake-up call to the rap and hip-hop industry that keeps bringing us garbage from people like Kanye whose marginal talent is made evident nearly every year. It was nice to see Eminem make a quality comeback, but to expect awards for what was simply only decent music, just screams to the idiocy of this writer.

Had Kanye been eligible this year, then it would have been a competition. Otherwise, Arcade Fire's The Suburbs was easily the best album in that group of nominees. Eminem's style of hip-hop grew tired 5 years ago while Gaga and Katy are is groovy they aren't making anything worth listening to over and over again (and right now you can't avoid it it seems).

@ j
You are an idiot..lady a deserved at best a record of the year. That album had 4 decent songs at best when arcade and kanye had front to back solid efforts...

The whole show seemed kinda biased. Where were the rappers and r&b singers? We saw plenty of pop, country, and rock!


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