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Grammy Awards: Eminem & Rihanna bring the drama, while Dre delivers another tease

Rihanna and Eminem are strong enough performers that they turn "Love the Way You Lie" into riveting drama every time they perform it. The song doesn't make any effort to hide its emotions, as its lyrics telegraph excactly what everyone should be feeling. None of that matters, however, with Rihanna's pained vocals and Emimen's rush of a perfect delivery.

Everyone, however, was waiting for Dr. Dre, and everyone knew it was coming once Skylar Gray (UPDATED: Not Rihanna, as I stated while I was live blogging -- thank you for the kind words, commenters) started singing the refrain, "I need a doctor," yet Dr. Dre was out for all of 30 or 40 seconds? I wasn't keeping watch, but the Grammy commercials announcing his appearance seemed longer. He laid down a verse, exchanged nods with Eminem, and left the stage. 

The good news: Adam Levine was barely noticeable.

-- Todd Martens 

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Who was the other female vocalist?

OMG.. Does anyone know who designed the black dress that Rihanna wore in the live performance of Love the way you lie?? Now that was a gorgeous dress. Can you post a Picture of it?

Was that Amy Lee from Evanescence that joined them also???

Rihanna did not sing the refrain "I need a doctor". Did you even watch? It was Skylar Grey. Also, Dre only has one verse in the song. Have you ever heard it before? Is this journalism?

heard of skylar grey? mr. martens before you even attempt to write a review realize all of the important key characters. so quick to comment on dr. dre's lack there of appearance on stage, but do you even know who was on stage to begin with? welcome back dre. you killed it.

It wasnt Rihanna singing I Need A Doctor. Skylar Grey is her name.

who was the other gal singing M & R

Just a head's up, LA Times - Rihanna didn't perform the chorus to "I Need a Doctor"; it was Skylar Grey, just like it is on the actual track.

I am absolutely in love with eminem! His performance was phenomengal! And who were the people who beat him out for album of the year? They were absolutely ridiculous! Eminem deserved everything he was nominated for. Love you Eminem! Keep on doin wat u do best! I will always love you!


Nice update TM but you are still not getting it... Dre only laid down one verse 'cause that's the way the song was recorded. What did you want him to do, rap somebody else's part too? It wasn't a tease, he came out, did his thing and left. You would know this if you knew anything about the music, which apparently you don't.

Rihanna is truly a great singer and dancer. I love her accent for Barbados I think it is. Please keep that accent Rihanna I love it. It is a flavor that I enjoy. It is just a hint of it that makes you sound very good. And if Rihanna is reading these Happy Valentine’s Days!! Love you as a fan!! PS Stay the hell away from the beater you know who. Nobody in their right mind would lay a hand on you. You are so cute.


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