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Foo Fighters park limousine in front of the Roxy in West Hollywood. Hmm. [Updated]

The Foo Fighters have just tweeted a photo of a white limousine parked in front of the Roxy in West Hollywood -- and since they just did a surprise OC show, we're reading into this that something's happening with the band and the Roxy sometime in the next .... however long they feel like parking that limo in front of the Roxy. Yes, that could be hours, days or weeks -- depending on Dave Grohl's tolerance for parking tickets.

We'll update this blog as soon as we have the answers.

[Updated 5:09 p.m.: Confirmed. Foo Fighters performing at the Roxy tonight.]

-- Randall Roberts

Photo: The Foo Fighters' Twitter feed.

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A "surprise OC show"? Unless Dragonfly is now in OC instead of Hollywood, I don't think so.

Gotta love it. A great rock act like the Foo Fighters reppin' a throwback stretch limo. I'm curious as to whether this vehicle has been with them since the "Foo Fighters" LP days!

I wonder if they had to "pay to play." I'm thinking Dave Grohl had to hit up all his friends to buy tickets - "Dude, will you come watch my band play tonight at The Roxy? Tickets are only 16 bucks and you can buy them through me. Oh sorry - I don't have any guest list spots until I sell all of my tickets."


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