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Electric Daisy leaving L.A. for Las Vegas; 'Good riddance,' says Coliseum commissioner


The ongoing brouhaha between Los Angeles politicos and promoters of dance-focused concerts has seemingly resulted in one of the nation's largest electronic music festivals leaving Los Angeles for Las Vegas. Insomniac Inc.'s two-day Electric Daisy Carnival, which last June drew between 80,000 and 100,000 people per day to the L.A. Memorial Coliseum and adjoining Exposition Park, is leaving the Coliseum for Vegas after Insomniac's 13 years working with the L.A. venue.

Insomniac had previously announced that Electric Daisy would be held June 24 and 25 in Los Angeles, and it looked to be on track to return to the Coliseum. Yet controversy has followed the event for the last eight months. After last year's concert, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors established a task force to take a closer look at DJ-focused concerts, and Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky at the time called for a "rave moratorium."

Late Thursday, however, Insomniac announced that an official agreement was still not inked, and Electric Daisy would be staged the same weekend in Las Vegas. 

"Without an executed contract in place at this time, it has become impossible to guarantee to all of the fans and talent that EDC can be produced at this venue this year," read a statement attributed to Insomniac Chief Executive Pasquale Rotella. "We are grateful for all of the events we have been able to produce at the Coliseum and Sports Arena over the years."

ECSTASY_DANGERS_ A 15-year-old girl who attended the 2010 Electric Daisy concert later died as a result of an overdose of MDMA, a drug commonly known as Ecstasy. Additionally, more than 100 attendees were sent to hospitals. More recently, The Times reported that a Coliseum administrator doubled as a paid consultant to the rave producer.

Numerous efforts were made to convince L.A. officials that dance events were safe. Insomniac established an 18-and-over policy for all its events and pledged to have more medical staff on site. Dance promoters, who were not named, even funded a card distributed by the county's Department of Public Health to warn concertgoers of the dangers of Ecstasy. 

Recent revelations by The Times, however, seemed to spell doom for the event. As a trio of reporters -- Andrew Blankstein, Ron Lin and Paul Pringle -- wrote today on L.A. Now, Electric Daisy was now mired in "a conflict-of-interest scandal." Reported L.A. Now

The [Coliseum] administrator who worked on the side for Insomniac, Todd Stefano, was responsible for planning security and medical services for the rave. His dual employment had been approved by then-Commission General Manager Patrick Lynch, who resigned in the wake of the Times disclosures.

DeStefano’s ties to Insomniac are under investigation by the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office and the state Fair Political Practices Commission. He has denied doing anything wrong.

Commissioner Rick Caruso, an ardent advocate against large dance concerts, told L.A. Now, “My first reaction is good riddance.” Caruso had been one of the more vocal critics of DJ-driven concerts, saying they breed drug abuse and unruly behavior.

Insomniac's statement said Electric Daisy's return to Los Angeles was "postponed," although no indication was given as to when or if the event would return to L.A. "I began my business here when I was in high school and Los Angeles remains my home," read the statement attributed to Rotella. "I would love nothing more than to have our events return to the Coliseum in the future."

Insomniac, now in its 15th year, has not yet revealed lineup or ticketing details for the Las Vegas concert.

-- Todd Martens


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IMAGES: Revelers at the 2010 concert (Barbara Davidson / Los Angeles Times); part of the county's Department of Public Health Ecstasy warning card; Electric Daisy concergoers rush a fence (John W. Adkisson / Los Angeles Times)

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i personaly think that edc 2011 should not be moved from la collisuime because teens look forward to this day of the year this is the number one music concert anyone in ca would love to be at and maybe take more precautions as to medical needs and require ids for 18 and over thank u

It's really a shame that the coliseum administration feels this way about it. Insomniac is probably the best promoter working in L.A. - their concerts are always safe, fun, easy to move around in, and have pretty consistently good acts. The coliseum and expo park are a great venue because of the high mobility and many entrances. Without this venue, raves will move back to more dangerous & inconvenient places like the shrine, l.a. live, l.a. state historic park, and of course the warehouses in which they have always thrived. old-school ravers will see this as a return to form, but the fact is that these often-illegal shows attract more drug abuse and police crackdowns. tickets may be cheaper but the experience can be much worse.

Hopefully some of the smaller promoters can step up to the plate and produce bigger events with the same energy - Gary Richard's "hard" shows are always ugly and lazily produced.

And this is why underground raves in download L.A flourish 21
Droid Behavior!!!

Give it another year, EDC will be back in Los Angeles. Las Vegas will only serve as a temporary location and the venues there have very strict security and requirements than the colliseum. The producers of the event will probably be agitated with all of it. Las Vegas is a high class tourist spot, everything there needs to meet requirements...EDC won't meet the required safety guidelines and a lot more...It'll come back to LA...believe that. The capacity is something to worry about as well because if it sells out in vegas, well, I don't know what spot or venue will hold 100,000+ people. Colliseum can only do that.

EDC 2011 in vegas is going to be awesome! 8pm to 8am! all night rager unlike LA, and almost TWICE THE SIZE of the coliseum! crazyness - they haven't posted the lineup but i found a bunch of unofficial confirmations and rumors and posted a pretty big list here - http://www.socale.net/blog/electric-daisy-carnival-2011-vegas-edc-lineup-rumors-djs

okay.....I am underage. So, anyone overage, don't get all upset. I have a right to speak just as much as any of you. I am 17 years old, and will be 18 next February. I will be going to EDC next year. That is a dream for me. I love raves! i follow PLUR and will till the day i die. I myself, also saddened, was glad that raves had been put up to 18+. However, they SHOULD have been like that from the beginning, but they weren't. I do drugs, yes. i will not say i dont. but theres a difference between kids who go, just because its "IN", and between kids who ARE underaged, but can handle themselves responsibly, and do go for the music, or the atmosphere. Some underage ravers CAN go to raves, Do drugs, and actually handle themselves properly. I am disappointed int he fact that that little girl died, but like most say, it was her own fault. No one drugged her, no one forced her. She probably wanted to fit in. And it costed her her life. For all you ravers out there, going to EDC! Do a dance for me. have fun. Enjoy it! Let your worries disappear, and expect to see me next year! - Seizure (PLUR)

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