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Metallica leads a new 'heavy-metal Coachella' in Indio



Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax made thrash-metal history last year when they performed on the same bill in a string of European shows, and now they will bring their blistering sonic collective to the U.S. on April 23 in a most unexpected venue -- the Empire Polo Field in Indio.

The seven "Big Four" shows were major music moments, with a Bulgaria date yielding a bestselling boxed set (bundling CDs with DVDs or Blu-rays) and an HD satellite broadcast that reached fans in hundreds of movie theaters. Tickets for the one-night show go on sale at 10 a.m. Friday through Ticketmaster.

The metal extravaganza will be staged the Saturday after the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, and the organizers of that California festival are behind this surprise booking. 

The show came together quickly. Promoter Paul Tollett, the founding figure behind Coachella and its country cousin, the Stagecoach Festival, found himself with an empty weekend between the two massive multi-artist shows and, after a casual conversation with Metallica manager Peter Mensch, the two came up with a bold way to fill the calendar gap.

-- Geoff Boucher

Photo: James Hetfield of Metallica. Credit: Jason Merritt / Getty Images for Activision

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A show like that will require 1 security for every 10 fans. I'm surprised they are going to attempt this because the crush and metal aggression will be hard to control. And if there is violence in the surrounding Palm Springs and Coachella area, the promoters might lose their venue. But it's about money...

larga vida al heavy metal

"Napster Bad, Money Good." LOLz This show is a load

This show is going to Rock!
I already have a dozen people who want to come.



Mr. Temecula, what you don't realise is that a majority of the fans of these 4 bands are in their 30's and 40's. If this show was 20 years ago you would prolly be right. But in the year 2011, I don't see security problems with fans for this show. I saw Metallica last time they came through and I saw the Slayer/Anthrax/Megedath tour a few months back. The crowds were generally well behaved because the fans are more mature. Your worries seemed to be brought about from a old and tired stereotype of metal fans. You're more likely to find violence at a rap concert nowadays.

I plan on being at this historical musical event.

Metallica has fans that are willing to give them money? that's kinda pathetic.

yeah...i live here in Indio..and as much of a supporter I am of Coachella, I'm not on this one.
This combination could be bad, in terms of potential violence.
besides..who thought it'd be a good idea to book those corporate lackey's anyway?
the one thing that could subdue the throng of metalheads..HEAT, and lots of it!

"I'm surprised they are going to attempt this because the crush and metal aggression will be hard to control." MrTemecula

Is that a mating call for Fiona Ma? Seriously, "metal aggression" is usually limited to the mosh pit. And even there, intentional injuries are very scarce. Most metal shows, even those with very high attendance, don't have serious vandalism of surrounding property or violence against attendees . . .

A hip-hop club event is more likely to have violence than a stadium metal show. If you believe otherwise, you haven't been paying attention.

Yes MrTemecula....and Slayer will be sacrificing a new born baby before each of their songs.

I love how people think heavy metal shows are so aweful. Ever see a city after a NBA, NHL, or NFL team loses in the playoffs. Looting, trashing whole city streets, and fighting are common place.

I'v seen each venue seperately and from my opinion this is going to be a kick-ass metal jam that no motorhead should miss...

if metallicas playing you can wear your lounge slippers and not worry about violent moshing

And not to mention im in my 30's and i still love being in the pit its the music it takes u over and any1 whos never been to a show i suggest start out large like Mayhem tour or Music As A Weapon tour

slayer on the other hand will kill you no matter how old they are

E Tox: "Metallica has fans that are willing to give them money? that's kinda pathetic."

E Tox, time to put down the crack pipe and enter Detox.

Metallica is only the biggest Heavy Metal act on the planet and has been for about 30 years.

Also, Metallica puts on the best live Heavy Metal show you will ever see. They're not a gimmick band or need big explosions. They just play awesome, loud, a$$-kicking music every single show. I've seen them twice, it was worth every penny, and I will continue to see them every time they come to town!!!

I am still at a loss as to why people on here are saying heavy metal music promotes violence. just because you listen to metal doesn't mean your going to go kill someone. Give me a break. I'd love to go to that show. isnt there a saying about judging?

This show would be violent if it were 1992. I doubt you're going to see many 40-somethings beating each other.

I mean I understand the cost of putting together a huge tour, but if it was so monumental then don't you think they should infact let everyone see it. Why make some random country like Bulgaria the golden ticket recipient, as well as some festival in randomsville California. All that I'm saying is we made them and we never get to see them. On that note I've noticed alot of artists are doing this, for one my favorite bands, Slipknot, who are starting up again without their late bassist, a monumental task, and where do they play...Europe. Not America, but it's funny sounding cousin, Bring music home.

MrTemecula...even 20 years ago that wouldn't have been likely, now their fans are more likely to need a nap than they are to raise hell. :)

I saw the Slayer / Anthrax/ Megadeth show recently and it was a very lame crowd. Dave Mustain even commented that the show was nearly cancelled due to poor ticket sales. I guess Metallica will be the draw here.

Whatever, Sal. You sound like a fan of ripping people off. Do you get paid for the work you provide? If not, come on over and you can clean my pool- non gratis.

Metallica? On my Backyard? WOOW! !!!! Never in a million years would I thought one of my favorite hard-rock bands would be willing to play in our sleepy town of Indio, Ca. maybe this can actually place Indio as the city of Rock Festivals.!

Indio is known as the oldest city in the Sou. Cal. Desert besides Palm Springs, but Indio is a special sleepy town without much to do. Music festivals can bring in much needed tourism and cash to the city, besides the normal Golf Crowd.

I know Coachella Fest say is a "family Friendly" event and all, but not really. Take care of yourself and have fun people. Also, when in town, visit one of the greatest mexican restaurants with not much fanfare, RINCON RESTAURANT by Indio Blvd. Downtown Indio GREAT drinks!!!!

the metal scene is a huge family. metalheads are for the mostpart respectful of eachother. violence? youre watching too much t.v.

I have been a fan of all 4 bands since the early 80's (late 70's when they were garage bands) and I still am at age 46. Most of the naysayers are basing their worries on 2 things. 1) Past experience when they were in the 80's when these bands were new and these people were not fans of back then. 2) These are not new bands NOW and don't have the same "relatability" to today's teens like they did then. These bands are now considered by today's youth as...classic metal, really! Bands today that have a more volatile crowd are those that mix hardcore rap and speed/death metal. They generally do not get much airplay during the day and have a limited fan base on the college circuit, i.e. underground bands.
Yes, there WERE a few fights back THEN when most of us were filled way too much testosterone and had to prove something; for whatever that was; but looking back can't figure out why we did it. Back then Led Zep, Cream and The Sweet, to name a few, were considered great but becoming irrelevant to us at the time. Looking back now, and rereading the lyrics, especially Metallica, those hippy protest bands had a lot of influence on them. Now, these 4 bands, the cornerstones of metal are the influence for today's bands, whether metal or just hard rock. Us, the fans of these bands from the beginning are more mature and responsible, and might be taking our kids to their first concert.
How would you have felt if your parents took you to see Led Zep before John Bonham passed, or to see The Stones before Keith Moon passed? I was lucky enough to do it and let me tell you it was the greatest bonding experience, let alone seeing them that way: being COOL! There will be bad apples in every bunch; be it Ska, Death Metal, Hard Rock, R&R, Rap and even Bubble Gum. They said Elvis was a bad influence, and see how many popular musicians he influenced. Where there is a crowd there is a chance of "something" happening, but it can also be the first concert that plants the seed for the next Elvis, Sinatra or even the next Beethoven!

I can't stand people who talk trash about Metallica. Load and Reload came out, like, 14 years ago. GET OVER IT!!!! Hey Sal! You bet this show is gonna be a load.......A LOAD OF METAL!!! See. Anybody can make a stupid pun. You all go have fun going to see garbage like Avenged Sevenfold and Nickelback. I'll be at this show with the rest of the real metal fans witnessing and experiencing where it all started. Can't wait! POSERS STAY HOME!!!!!!

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