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Kanye West as deal-breaker? The polarizing rapper generates a Coachella revolt


Kanye West still isn’t in everyone’s good graces -- to say the least.

After The Times revealed that the rapper would be headlining the final night of the 12th Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, you could almost hear the boos and groans emitting from some of the bitter comments that poured in from our readers.

Coachella fans have always closely scrutinized the lineup they await so anxiously  -- and why shouldn’t they? They drop major money to attend the three-day festival (weekend passes are $269, plus surcharges, and camping passes are $75).

But the addition of West to a lineup that also includes Arcade Fire, Kings of Leon, Duran Duran, the Black Keys and the Strokes could be a non-starter for most, judging by the complaints.

“Great lineup this year.....but Kanye West is a definite deal killer for me, so me and my girlfriend won't be going for the first time in 4 years,” reader cabeachguy wrote, while reader oldskool57 thought it was a “real disappointment that loudmouth Kanye West is gonna' be there. What a goof that dude is.”

West certainly is no stranger to the Polo Grounds, having played Coachella in 2006. But a lot has changed since then. Although he released one of 2010’s most critically acclaimed albums, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” some quarters remain exhausted by his outrageous behavior and controversial statements, which reached critical mass after West so eloquently crashed young Taylor Swift’s 2009 Video Music Awards coronation (or thrust her into more stardom, depending on whom you ask). To say nothing of his Twitter antics. (But then, there was a lot of complaining when Jay-Z was announced last year too.)

Still, while some readers argue that West is still a “musical genius” despite his behavior, it’s too much for other Coachella attendees.

“yeah kwest is a deal breaker and thats saying a lot with the lineup they have but i dont want to support him in any way,” reader silas wrote.


It’s not all hate, though. Reader dockevoc urges upset festival-goers to “try listening to the album before you bash Kanye...Quentin Tarantino is a [jerk] too but his movies are still sick...it's art, not real life.”

Reader Kanyesnotspoilingmyfun looks at it more plainly.

“Why would anyone let one man be a 'deal killer' or have him be a 'real disappointment' to their whole Coachella experience? There are so many acts and three days of performances. If you don't like Kanye, don't go to that particular show. I don't care if he is the supposed headliner.”

There are a ton of arguments for both sides, which you can read here. Get into the action. Is Kanye West a deal-breaker or a deal-maker for your Coachella experience?

-- Gerrick D. Kennedy

Photo: Kanye West performs in Yas Island on the first night of the F1 motor race meeting in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, on Nov. 12. Credit: Nousha Salimi / Associated Press

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I wouldn't go anywhere to see Kanye West do anything if he personally paid me. "Critically acclaimed album" aside, he is full of himself and a loudmouth. I have better things to do.

No, he's not a dealbreaker. Get a grip, people. He's doing a single performance the last day, not performing all three days, from open to close. Anyone who is saying that ONE artist out of 171 different performers is a deal-breaker isn't the type of person who should be going to Coachella in the first place, considering how disproportionate their perspective of the whole festival is.

Boo Hiss is right. You'd have to pay ME to see this egotistical, narcissistic sociopath.

I despise Kanye West as much as anyone else who can't stand the idiot's antics. However I hope the people who decided they aren't going change their mind. They ought to buy their tickets so Kanye fans can't go. When Kanye sees that people don't want to see or hear him perform and the crowds at the other stages are not only bigger but also more into the music, then he might get the hint that he is in fact NOT a musical genius and his music is highly over rated.

I'd prefer no rap/hip hop at Coachella. Brings out the douchebags, the thugs and the "bros". The way things are going, the Black Eyed Peas will headline next year.

Noel Gallagher was right.

Kanye a deal-breaker?? More like a deal-maker!! The man is pure genius and a true artist. Kanye takes risks when everyone else is trying to sound the same. The people that "hate" him only read articles like this one that generate more hate. I don't think anyone that his listened to any of his albums can say that they were dissppointed. Really, Kanye is causing a "revolt"? Get over yourselves and recognize a musical genius.

Have any of the people who have commented on this heard his new album? Or any of his music for that matter? Just because Kanye isn't the "best" person doesn't mean that he isn't a good artist. He's a fantastic artist, as a matter of fact. The music he produces is actually music. Unlike Taylor Swift, who is a copy of everything else.

I'd go if I could just for Mr. West.. I don't live on the West Coast tho..

If he is a loudmouth he won't be one to you because you have no significance to him. Any comment he's made is about celebrities, and how he feels. In no way does he have a problem with fans, because you are the people he makes music for. So it's ignorant, but a bunch of rock fans who probably don't understand real rappers like Kanye can't do much but hate, and not go.

Don't Like Kanye? Don't watch his show.

Kanye is a genius. if you don't like him, most people probably don't like you. Real Music Gets real respect and i promise you wouldn't talk all that bs to his face and you can disagree with my opinion all you want, but at the end of the day, we have platinum plaques, and you don't ;) -ill #Hotshots

This is so sad. An artist's behavior is turning people away. Last I checked isn't this a MUSIC festival? Kanye has had 5 critically acclaimed albums in the span of 7 years and 14 grammys. He has made some of the most popular hits since 2004. Judging by my post so far, of course you can tell I am a big fan, but seriously some of you need to get a grip! The man needs to control what he says, but the hate is too much. Taylor got over it and so should many of you.
The music is all that matters and it is GREAT!

He's a "loudmouth", he's "full of himself" seriously get a grip people. Say what you want dude makes good music and that's what this is about who cares about how he acts as long as he does the thing he does best. You people are disgusting with your comments, get out of here you know as well as I do that if he paid you, you would go liars.

People need to get over it already!!! Im sure of all the people on the line up for Coachella Kanye West is not the only one who has ever done something wrong. Its really annoying that just because he interrupted Taylor he is now hated everywhere its time to move on. Even Taylor has moved on. I really dont understand how you will rush to go buy all of Chris Brown's music after he brutally beat Rihanna yet you are so intent on ruining Kanye's career just because he has an ego. Oh and news flash everyone who is famous has a big ego even your precious Taylor Swift Kanye is just not fake and lets you know that he thinks he is great. People need to get a life.

Alll these comments and the subsequent carping are only going to result in publicity for this ignorant buffoon. Buying tickets to the Festival provides the fee he'll be paid for his appearance. The pressure has to be on the promoters to drop this guy ... any boycott of the day only hurts the other acts.

To everyone dishing hatred at Kanye West because of his public image: How well are you personally acquainted with the offstage personalities of other artists on this year's Coachella lineup? If you found out your favorite band/artist wasn't that nice of a person in real life, would you judge him/her and stop listening to their work, just because you think they're a "jerk"? Yes, it's true Kanye may speak without thinking on a freqeuent basis, but you'd benefit yourselves to stop attacking Kanye and try listening to his album. There's a reason it's "one of 2010's most critically acclaimed albums"...it's GOOD.

Why would Kanye West be a deal-breaker?
You are speaking on a line-up for a festival intended to showcase music from many different genres...and that includes hip hop/pop rap. If you were half as smart as you fancy yourself to be, you'd realize that festival line-ups are not custom stitched to your indie needs. Kanye West is as much of an artist as anybody else featured at the upcoming Coachella Festival. His public persona has nothing to do with the music he will be performing at the festival. If anything, people should be outraged that the highly overrated Arcade Fire are there. At least Kanye keeps me interested, whereas, The Suburbs left me bored and unsatisfied.

This story is BS. Most of the people I talked to are THRILLED that Kanye is playing at Coachella and is the ole reason why a lot of people will be getting tickets. I'm a Coachella attendee alumni, and being able to see Animal Collective and Kanye West in the same weekend makes my LIFE. No complaints here, and no complaints from my friends and other Coachella regulars. To hear songs from My Beautiful dark Twisted Fantasy live will be a poignant moment in our lives- we look forward to seeing Kanye and welcome him.

I would go just for Kanye, he is a musical genius.. I couldn't care less what he does in his personal life.. but his music is just magic!

Stupid article,
haters are just jelly

You based your whole article on a couple tweets? I knew kanye bashing was in this season but really latimes should be ashamed to have employed you as a blogger.

You see al those comment are just plan stupid
kanye is a hip hop artist his music may be over rated to
you because you don't like hip hop but for hip hop he is the
best right now and he sells more albums then any of the bands
and acts that will be there he is hip hop royalty if
people you stop being stupid you would see it's hiphop it's
a competive thing kanye jut choose to mix his audience up
you people are just lame.....

tss..haters, kanye is a genius. its a fanstastic line up. kings of leon & kanye? HECK TO THE YES!!

i am going. i am going to watch kanye. i am going to enjoy every second of it.

He was rude to Taylor Swift. All those concerned with this should look into Stagecoach.

lets be honest. people are calling him egotistical and calling him a narcissist, maybe he is. but he had one of the best albums of 2010 and if you honestly think your whining and complaints are gonna change anything, i think you're a little egotistical too. if you're willing to, dish out $269 plus $75 more for camping (not to mention the other expenses), and stand the heat the whole weekend, but you would let his 30min-1hr setlist keep you away from the entire coachella line up, fine that just means i'll be one person closer to the stage.

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