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Gucci Mane gets tattoo of an ice cream cone on his face

Fresh out of Atlanta's Anchor Hospital for psychiatric evaluation, and after several recent police run-ins, rapper Gucci Mane decided to celebrate his recovery by getting a giant tattoo of an ice cream cone across his face.

The tattoo makes excellent use of his favorite catchphrase "Brrr," matches his omnipresent ice cream cone chain, and has a bit of mystery in the lightning bolts that serve as the maraschino cherry in this sartorial sundae.

Whatever they're drinking over at 1017 Brick Squad headquarters, we'll take two and call it a week, thank you.  

-- August Brown

Photo: Rapper Gucci Mane shows off his tattoo. Credit: Via

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My, but there are some stupid people on this planet.

This dude is BUGGGGGING! Seriously..WTF?


He looks like a damn fool! Why in the hell would you want to put a tattoo of any kind on your gift from God, he is going to look even more ridiculous in about 5 years or less, when tattoos are no longer in Vogue.

hahahahah that thing wont melt away for a long time..

I'm not one to promote gangs but all these facial tattoos and full body ink was mainly promoted by the gang ms-13. I generally think gucci mane doing this to his face was as bad as an idea as games butterfly tattoo years ago. Why are these guys so stupid? And is it just me or does gucci always look pregnant? I swear he looks like beetlejuice!!!

Crazy Dude

his face is looking more beautiful now.

He should get, "kids, don't do drugs." on his other cheek...

he is losing his mind you all...... drugs really damage the brain cells SO KIDS DONT TRY....SMELL...BE AROUND......DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT DRUGS it will alter your thinking pattern and you will do foolish things like this so sober its cooler and pray for this guy

he is just mad,plz he shuld get that off his face,i mean pple can be so crazy no mater wot u shuldnt draw rubbish on your beautiful face God has given yoy.to me he looks like a chimpazim in a tick forest.


He is already hard on the eyes! WHY fool WHY???!!!?? Yuck monster.

anyone that gets a tattoo on their face is thinking out the box!!! Ok rapper though burr burr burr lmao.

It is an obvious reference to being the "ice cream man" or "drug dealer". That is what all this snow/cocaine, drug mess is all about. It is BS should be arrested for being blatant.

That is the dumbest ish I have ever seen. And I've seen Mike Tyson's face tat. They ought to U-Turn his butt right back to the psyche ward.

his tatoo looks stupid just like him... what grown ass man would put an ice cream cone on his face? fuckkin stupid ass

I love Gucci mane and he want all out but its hot love u Gucci

Hey now. All yall people out there just be mad cuz you a aint got dat type of money. Yall just be lowballin wid ya fake engagment rings and secound hand clothes. yall couldnt even buy your way outaa wet paaper brown bag. So get ya money up kids before u start talkin on here. Cuz you dont know what people like when dey got all dat money. Cuz yall just mad cuz yall aint got none. catch ya BROKE kids latttaaaa BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As a 46 year old man who grew up around hip hop the beginnig n.y. I think it is a clear sign that a boy can make a baby ,but a man advises his children. Why would you do that to your face or open to the society your body. hip hop is in my blood, my son who is 9 years old thinks he has lost his mind PARENTS PARENT PLEASE.

WAT A DUM A??.....

I think that gettin a tattoo on ur face is a bit much ! But its GUCCI MANE WE TALKIN BOUT !! LOL . I like it . Gucci , u still my baby ! As long as u keep doin ur music , u can get a tattoo on ur butt and ima support ya !!

Well said Je$$e. haha

i like the person on here that says "Hey now. All yall people out there just be mad cuz you a aint got dat type of money"....here is the point im making, yes this fool does probably have a butt load of money, so in turn why get a $50 (TOPS!) tattoo on your face if you have "dat type of money". pay a good artist who does good work to do a good job! that is all

I seriously think he's mentally ill.

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