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Mochilla releases second volume of Ten Year Anniversary Mix

MOCHILLAFINAL20MIX12_7_10_128As the holidays move into the home stretch, the spirit of giving is certainly not lost on Mochilla, the L.A.-based production company focused on subterranean hip-hop culture. Anticipating the celebration of their 10-year contribution to the local hip-hop and DJ scene, the company is issuing a Part 2 sample of the "A Decade of Mochilla" mix tape, a 20-minute collection featuring 20 tracks by venerable turntable wizards such as L.A.'s J.Rocc and and San Francisco's DJ Shadow, and mixed by Mochilla co-founder Eric Coleman.

Cuts from this collection -- as well as Part 1, released on Dec. 8 -- will be available in a full mix of the 10-year anniversary release in 2011. Following their first commercially released film project in 2001, the founded by Coleman and Brian Cross (aka B+), went on to produce a handful of music videos as well as four documentaries, dozens of album covers, several ad campaigns and multiple other projects highlighting avenues of expression for L.A.'s underground enclave of boom-bap artists and enthusiasts. Below is a track listing of the mix sample as well as a link to download. As long as they're willing to share, so are we.

Click Here: "A Decade of Mochilla" Part 2 mix tape

Track List:
1. King Ruly & Toy Selectah! - Bumpin Time! (Sistema Local Mexmix Version) - Keepintime
2. DJ Shadow - Roy's Theme - Keepintime
3. Clutchy Hopkins - Thanks Mochilla - Timeless
4. King Britt - The Radcliff Remix - Timeless
5. Nobody - Song For Sophia - You Can Know Her - Keepintime
6. Suite for Ma Dukes - Morning Order - Timeless
7. Quantic - Cubmia de Mochilla - Mochilla
8. J. Rocc - Dirty Fingered B-Boy Edit - Keepintime
9. Arthur Verocai - Karina - Timeless
10. Te'Amir - Yekermo Sew Remix - Timeless
11. Mulatu Astatke - Yekermo Sew - Timeless
12. Black Spade - Fall In Love Remix - Timeless
13. Suite for Ma Dukes EP - Fall In Love - Timeless
14. DJ Nuts - From Sp On My 303 - Keepintime
15. Suite for Ma Dukes - Angel - Timeless
16. Jackson Conti - Sunset at Sujinho - Brasilintime
17. Suite for Ma Dukes - Antiquity - Timeless
18. OhNo - A Remix in 3 Parts - Keepintime
19. Jackson Conti - Papaya - Brasilintime
20. Suite for Ma Dukes - Stakes Is High - Timeless

-- Nate Jackson


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Mochilla promotes some of the best music in the world! I love these guys and what they are going. Quantic is the best producer/multi-instrumentalist/DJ guy out there; the way he has blended funk, Colombian rhythms, and dub is remarkable. I can't wait to listen to this mix.
I want to go to LA just for the funk scene. I'm so happy I got to hear Peanut Butter Wold spin in Miami last year, though it must be a far cry from the Funky Sole and Mochilla events in LA.
Thanks for the music!


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