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M.I.A. releases new Wikileaks-inspired mixtape, ViCKi LEEKX

ViCKi LEEKX_1293810179710
On Thursday night, rapper/singer/provocateur M.I.A. released a new Wikileaks-inspired mixtape called ViCKi LEEKX, a 36-minute rhythm frenzy featuring new production work by Diplo, Switch and Blaqstarr and a host of rhymes and rants by the artist born Maya Arulpragasam. It opens with a female-voiced salvo inspired by Julian Assange's recent freedom of information campaign: "We chose the right format," says the voice, "We leak the information to the public, and we defend ourselves against inevitable legal and political attacks. Vicki Leekz: leak me."

The end-of-the-year offering is no doubt an attempt on M.I.A.'s part to have the last word after a particularly rocky professional year. Her 2010 release, "Maya," failed to generate the buzz that her previous album, "Kala," did, and the album's been notably absent on most critics' year-end lists. Arulpragasam was also the subject of an infamous Lynn Hirschberg profile in the New York Times Magazine that asked hard questions about the singer's politics and private life.

Can ViCKI LEEKX silence her haters? You can download it in all its chopped-up, AutoTuned glory here.

-- Randall Roberts

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M.I.A. is a very great artist.I've been a fan of hers since her first mixtape "Piracy Funds Terroism Vol.1" and she is very smart.She makes good music and people think she is attention seeking only because she speaks her mind..What is wrong with that??I dont understand why people are so hard on her?She can critisize government if she wants and so can anybody in this so-cal "Free Nation" that we live in my friends.I JUST DON'T GET IT.p.s. most of the time she is talking about government is other contries stupids..She has somthing to say and i respect her GREATLY for that.Do you hear Lady Gaga or KE$HA talking about important stuff in there ever-the-same kind of music??NOOOO only songs about shaking your ass and getting wasted.YEAH REEEALY GGRRREAT ROLE MODLES FOR KIDS THESE DAYS. M.I.A. is gonna do what ever the hell she wants to do to get her message out and if dont like it you can sit on the couch and watch MTV on listen to KISS.FM and listin to all the other crap that America is feeding you.Next Why don't you bent over and take it because you are being Brain Washed.There are more important things in the world then partying and all M.I.A. is doing is pointing it out.Use your heads, the government has a hold of you all via internet, T.V. and you guys are just gonna stand there and suck it up...NO WONDER EVERYBODY HATES AMRICANS...HAVE YOU SEEN THE WATER TOURTURE PHOTOS?Don't even get me sarted

Harsh...The thing about M.I.A. is that she does what she does without the influence of critics or the mainstream and I respect her for that. This is a great mixtape. It's far from your traditional pop music. It's crazy. It's confusing. But that is only because you're overlooking the hard work and talent put into this 36 minute track. M.I.A. has great fans. She doesn't need money, good reviews, or mainstream acceptance. All she needs is her fans and for her story to be told.

Fame whore - pathetic in my view

Almost was hot, this mixtape is awesome

mr pekko
if u bothered to listen to this mixtape
u would of listened to marsha/britney
mia aint one of them
shes a hugely influencial figure not singing about getting jiggy in a club or stupid stuff that gaga pollutes us with
gaga will probably start copying mia even more in 2011
and people will fall for it
MIA = real talent
GAGA- good voice - biggest fame hoe going !!!

MIA has her heart in the right place. That place just happens to be trapped in a Junior Honors International Relations seminar.

Well done Maya Arulpragasam (M.I.A) and we all love you. We need more Tamils like you and I appreciate your guts to stand to double morals world and ethics. No Tamils will never forget what happened. We shall fight on till we get all the perpetrators so that the souls who died to protect us shall rest in peace.


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