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Beef alert: MC Hammer disses Jay-Z in new song, video

Hammer MC Hammer seriously can’t take a joke, can he?

After Jay-Z took a slight jab at the rapper-minister-Cash4Gold spokesman (OK,  maybe it was just one commercial) in a verse on Kanye West’s “So Appalled,” making light of Hammer's well-documented financial problems, the "Too Legit to Quit" rapper took to Twitter and  promised retaliation. 

“Hammer went broke, so you know I’m more focused/I lost 30 mil’, so I spent another 30/’Cause unlike Hammer, 30 million can’t hurt me,” Jay-Z rapped on one of West's G.O.O.D. Friday tracks.

The reminder of Hammer's infamous bankruptcy proved to be a breaking point for the rapper.

“The Answer to Jay comes on Oct 31 (Devils Nite) ..I saw him coming...” he tweeted. Hammer later posted a link to a 36-second video of himself going to town on a punching bag (he even created a special #hellboy hashtag that he uses in reference to Jigga). 

A day later -- maybe he realized revenge is a dish best served on a weekday -- Hammer has released a new dis track and accompanying video, “Better Run Run.” 

Now, we could make a million jokes about the not so smooth references to Hov -- there is a chunky male running through the woods in a white T-shirt, dark shades and, of course, a Yankees cap -– but we appreciate the irony of an irrelevant rapper-turned-preacher lambasting Jay for selling his soul to the devil (“I don’t Roc your wear,” is one of his clever rhymes as a dancer in a devil mask throws up the Roc sign).  He lectures the poor soul at the end of the clip, and then baptizes (or drowns) the fake Jay-Z (we’re not sure which).

Check out the video for yourself. Should Jay prep himself for the next great rap beef?

-- Gerrick D. Kennedy


Credit: MC Hammer in the Cash4Gold commercial, saying he can get cash for his gold records. Credit: Euro RSCG Edge

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...Jay better run, run.... LMFAO!!!!

Is he serious? If he's so changed he wouldn't even care what Jay-Z says about him. Can't wait to see how Jay answers back, if he even bothers to.

U betta stop playin Wat hov

Hammer dissed Eminem about four years ago with a song called "Full Blast". He dissed Run DMC and LL Cool J back in the day with a song called "You're being served". On the Funky Head Hunter album Hammer dissed "Red Man". MC Hammer has been doing this for years, this is nothing new. in the "Too Legit" video he disssed the King of Pop. In this video/song MC Hammer disses Jay-Z and the Devil.

I was born and raised in the Bay so I'm more than familiar with the evolution from the "Holy Ghost Boy" (no, really), to "MC Hammer," to just plain "Hammer." But what up with King Hammer?! Who anointed him?

Dude should keep dancing, learn to take joke and leave real rhyming to true lyricists.

This was effin hilarious & sad all at the same time,also was that Chris Mullin that I saw at the beginning of this piece o crap? rotflmao

I don't know about Chris Mullin but theres a dude at the table who looks like Nate Marquardt. WTF Nate? How can Hammer get upset from a verse thats true??? Not like Jay is takin a shot...he's stating a fact. Please Jay don't hurt him.

1.I thought calling someone a devil worshiper is a huge sin. Not saying that he isnt but I can't label him, that's God's job. 2. I didn't see Hammer speak in God or Jesus' name. In fact, he called himself King Hammer..no glory to God 3. why would you wear a baphomet t-shirt if you are on the opposing team?..the blurry fade out gave it away 4. A real ambassador for Christ would be more strategic, not just hilarious with a catchy beat & halfhearted jabs that were nothing new to the table. The attempt left people talking about everything but what Hammer says he was trying to do. No exposure of Jay-Z. Never was a Jay fan because he is blatantly disrespectful and has a convenient reason for all his accusations. The Bible says you shall know them by the fruits they bear. Pick up the word and read if for yourself. Its about relationship. Not religion. Don't let people tell you what to read, think, or believe. They will only confuse you. I challenge you to think deeper then all this. Be still and watch and listen.

wats funny is that people r really being ignorant 2 wat is truly taking place in front of our eyes. Wat scares me the most is children r being raised n the days that its kool 2 diss & poke fun @ the Lord but somebody need 2 say ENOUGH! Its no secret wat lifestyle u're trading ur soul n 2 live just 2 say 'im Rich' & glamorize the wrong message 2 kids: This might b a joke ya'll laughing at but look n2 it urself 2 find out the truth. We're living n denial & deciet. I applaud Hammer for speaking up while the rest of u who worship another mso many who have the power 2 speak should have.

LOL. He spent Devil's Night digging himself a big ol' hole, and then right after he released this he hopped on in. He used his last few dollars to pay someone to dump the dirt back on top of him. This mofo just made a mockery of all beefs...ever, as well as of himself.

I used to like Jay from an MC stand point, but putting satanic lyrics and images in your songs is wrong man regardless of why you do it (devil worshiping, entertainment, whatever) ,

I think its a good thing that Hammer as brought this more into the public eye. Although to some its nothn we did not know already about Jay, the fact is Hammer has brought this right out into the open, even if you dont believe it the fact remains there is some dam strange freaky things about jay.

This is a joke right? Mc hammer may be a legend but he is not a battle rapper. People are not going to take old ass Mc Hammer serious. Especially after he claims to be a born again christian. But now he is trying to beef with Jay Z? So Jay Z "better run run" from the devil or what? Get baptized by Mc Hammer in some lake or swanp area? And he talks about punching Jay Z in the mouth @ 2:39 lol...Wow i did not know that born again christians got down like that. LMFAO!! Its a joke

bwahahaha! Jay does not care about this little flea! Stole his swag?! Alrighty then...can u say publicity stunt? Hammer go sit your old butt down...please

You "jesus" people are hilarious. You make comments like "Don't let people tell you what to read, think, or believe. They will only confuse you. I challenge you to think deeper then all this. Be still and watch and listen. "

Really? You're giving this advice to others while preaching about a book full of myths and fables that was written thousands of years ago by a bunch of archaic Middle Eastern zealots? A book that you take literally, even though it's 2010 and there is still not a single shred of quantifiable evidence that Jesus Christ existed or that god exists?

This quote was funny - "Wat scares me the most is children r being raised n the days that its kool 2 diss & poke fun @ the Lord but somebody need 2 say ENOUGH!"

What scares me the most is that people who can't even spell properly are on a website complaining about children dissing and poking fun at the "lord". They aren't just poking fun at the "lord". They're also poking fun at the uneducated drones who still take these myths and fables seriously.

Do you know how ironic it is when someone with the screen name "kilaB" writes something like that? "kilaB" - translated from ebonics to English as Killer Bee. You should probably just burn your computer and stay off of the internet.


Is this a joke? You have got to be kidding.........?

To Dizzamn: MC Hammer has an MMA management company and Nate Marquardt is one of his clients.

LOL @ 2pac.

@FlyingSpaghettiMonster I know about Jesus... but God doesn't exist? Wow you belong in a mental hospital.


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