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Michael Jackson fans shouldn't question new single 'Hold My Hand' (should they?)

Mj-art-e1289813187642 Michael Jackson fans can look at the release of the official first single from his posthumous album as Sony’s attempt to clean up the controversy of that other debatable single that hit the net a week ago, and who could necessarily blame them?

After the not-so-great response that the much touted “Breaking News” got when it premiered (fans debated its authenticity, M.J.’s kids and mom denounced it, Sony and the Michael Jackson estate defended it), the late King of Pop is back -- get used to hearing that -- with the official first single from his first posthumous album, “Michael,” which is slated to hit stores Dec. 14.

Titled “Hold My Hand,” the mid-tempo uplifting track is classic M.J. (listen here). In the song, a duet with Akon, he pleas for peace and unity behind a Caribbean-pop beat, courtesy of the Senegalese singer/producer.

“This life don't last forever, so tell me what we're waiting for,” Jackson sings. “We're better off being together, than being miserable alone.”

Apparently a handwritten note from Jackson was found indicating his desire that the track, recorded in 2007, be the first single on his next project. The note, of course, is now the possession of his estate. (It would probably be a good idea, for the sake of covering themselves, for the estate to include said note in the liner notes of the album -- in order to end any and all speculation about the handling of the project.)

Jackson fans are no stranger to the track, considering that an unfinished version of the song leaked in 2008, as did a number of Jackson demos and half-recordings packaged together, leaving Akon “devastated.”

“The world was not ready to hear ‘Hold My Hand’ when it leaked a couple years ago,” he said in a statement. “But its time has definitely come; now in its final state, it has become an incredible, beautiful, anthemic song. I’m so proud to have had the chance to work with Michael, one of my all time idols.”

Akon previously worked with Jackson on “Thriller 25,” the 2008 anniversary reissue of the record-breaking album. The due reportedly collaborated on a number of other unreleased tracks.

Unlike with "Breaking News," this time around there is no question about Jackson's signature falsetto. The sparse vocals of him on the track are undoubtedly Jackson's, though fans will no doubt be anxiously awaiting more tracks to be released -- ready to argue the validity of them one-by-one.

“Michael” will also include collaborations with 50 Cent and Lenny Kravitz –- a rock-tinged track called “(I Can’t Make It) Another Day,” which leaked after his 2009 death.

The controversy of “Breaking News” prompted Jackson’s estate to release a rather lengthy statement detailing the extensive process of authenticating the songs that included working with previous M.J. producers, consulting forensic musicologists and even confirming with a well-known singer who sounds like Jackson about the vocals.

But not all of Jackson’s collaborators are pleased with the album. Black Eyed Peas’ frontman will.i.am, who also worked on “Thriller 25” and what would have been the follow up to 2001′s “Invincible,” vented to Entertainment Weekly about his frustrations with the project.

“Whoever put it out and is profiting off of it, I want to see how cold they are," he said. “To say that what [Michael] contributed during his life wasn't enough. He just wasn't any ordinary artist. He was a hands-on person. To me it's disrespectful. There's no honoring … Michael Jackson songs are finished when Michael says they're finished.”

-- Gerrick D. Kennedy


Photo: Single cover of "Hold My Hand." Credit: MichaelJackson.com

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Ofcourse this is MJ's real vocasl on 'Hold My Hand'. Michaels vocals are divine thats why so many fans knew 'breaking news' was fake! You can't fool Michael Jackson fans! Not with media lies nor fake money making songs!

I like it,though Akon heavy,Breaking news has made me appreciate michaels vocals on Hold my hand.It so obvious now that MJ was not singing lead vocals on Breaking news.both were recorded in the same year and MJ sounded like MJ on HMH and like an MJ imposter on BN.

Wished sony wont put those fake cascio's track on the album.

"...Michael Jackson songs are finished when Michael says they're finished."

As much as I understand the desire for more MJ songs.
I have to agree with Will.i.am.

It is disrespectful.
He is not a cash cow.

I think it's wonderful. A number one hit! And those vocals from Michael are very different from the leaked version in 2008. The king is alive and well, and he'll be back - literally!

I have to be one of Michael's biggest fans and if he had music stored for a later date, then I will be one of the first ones to buy them once released. But if there is some type of maniac that could even think of reproducing the greatest performer ever, they are so sad. Michael is so unique and I miss him so much. He was such and honest and considerate man and praised others for their work, and now it is time to back off and let him receive his praises for that he accomplished.

I love Michael Jackson, and this song is truly amazing! If someone wants to recreate micheals voice they are seriously desturbed. MJ is one of the greatest people to have ever walked this earth. I wish more people knew what he was about and didnt listen to the media. Maybe this song will actually make people realize what a great guy he was. It sucks that its too late. But better late than never.

Thank you, Will i. Am.

Michael Jackson's "perfectionist" touch has not, and cannot be applied to the finishing process for any of his previously written songs. While Hold My Hand is pretty, I'm good with hearing him sing with Siedah Garrett (I Just Can't Stop Loving You) and Mick Jagger (State of Shock). It's Michael's voice I long to hear.

People need to stop and think about what is happening. Michael's legacy is strong enough to live forever without releasing new material. How very sad that his family was completely "closed out" with regard to major decisions.

Michael Jackson was a flesh and blood man. He's gone from us now. We need to honor him and what he has contributed and not continue to "extract" more from his memory than what is real and can be unquestionably substantiated.

Stop the exploitation! Wasn't it enough that he sacrificed everything that was normal to be an icon and megastar entertainer for more than 25 years? He had no life, really. Apart from his children, he was the loneliest man in the world. No wonder who couldn't sleep. Have any of you ever experienced periods of insomnia? It's horrible. My heart aches for him but I know that he's in complete peace now. I just can't understand why he was taken from his children who loved him so much. It's so sad.

Appreciate what he already gave and take up his cause to help people who need our help. He was an environmentalist before that became a buzz word. He cared about our planet. He cared so deeply about everything and he put his care into action. No other entertainer gave of his great wealth like Michael did.
People who continue to hold onto false images and inaccurate stories about this man need to seek the truth. The whole damn system owes him an enormous apology. Such blatant character assassination should never, ever happen to another human being again.

Honor his legacy and keep his memory alive forever by reaching out and helping someone close to you. Get involved with an effort or organization that helps children. Kids are dying for lack of love and care. It broke his heart.

Give your money to his cause--not to the "exploiters" of his fame!

God bless the King of pop! God bless the message of love and acceptance!! :D


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