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On the American Music Awards red carpet: Checking in with Taio Cruz, Trey Songz, Gavin Rossdale and Mike Posner

Unlike MTV's VMAs show, the American Music Awards telecast isn't typically known for its spontaneity.

But before taking the AMAs stage Sunday evening, Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale said he wasn't quite sure how his performance alongside guitarist Carlos Santana would play out.

Rehearsals between the two had been "very fluid," Rossdale said. "They change a lot. It's very organic. There's no set arrangement, so we never know what's going to happen."

Rossdale was one of the few performers who took the time to talk to reporters on the red carpet, while Rihanna, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Pink and others rushed inside after posing for photographs. We also didn't catch a glimpse of Willow Smith, the 10-year-old daughter of Will and Jada whose single, "Whip My Hair," has become a viral smash.

Rossdale, who is married and has children with singer Gwen Stefani, said he'd consider allowing his children to become entertainers as well.

"They can do anything, as long as they don't get injured, or injure someone else," he joked.

Mike Posner, the Duke grad behind "Cooler Than Me," stopped to chat about his use of Twitter.

"I do not censor myself at all," he said. "I've been known to say very spontaneous things, like 'poop.' That's one of my favorite tweets of all time."

Taio Cruz said he used the social networking site to express his anger over people stealing his music.

"Because I'm always making songs, and people love to get them as early as they can," he said. "Sometimes they get demos and then it's not finished. ... But other than that, I kind of post pictures of any new shoes that I buy."

Meanwhile, Trey Songz -- who is currently on the road with Usher -- said he's been spending more time checking out reviews of his shows than tweeting. And it turns out he's a reader of the L.A. Times.

"Actually, L.A. Times, y'all said something very nice about me," he grinned. "You said my voice is smooth like vintage Dom Perignon."

-- Amy Kaufman


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I have been a fan of Santana since Woodstock and I have never seen Santana blow a performance before now, but this was flat embarrassing. I wonder if this is Clyde Davis's idea that Carlos fits over every style of music and any performer or if Santana is losing it? This last album was also a joke! The only song that sounded alittle like the old Santana was Sunshine of your love. Any good artist should know their limitations as well as how they sounded before performing live. Santana's style was not complementary to old style rock nor did it give him the room to expand with what he does best. Alittle hint as a player do not stray to areas you do not fit with for example stay caribbean and brazilian, which gives you plenty to work with where you fit! Justin B kicked your butt and an experianced player should never be below a child star period ever!


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