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Album review: Black Eyed Peas' 'The Beginning'

Bep Dealing with the Black Eyed Peas' dominance of pop radio is like planning for earthquakes in Los Angeles. There's no use in protesting about either anymore. You can stock up on supplies and map an escape route for your family, but each is a geologic fact, and you might as well accept the inevitability.

With the Peas' latest, “The Beginning,” the Big One that will topple freeways and leave Power 106 a smoldering crater is “The Time (Dirty Bit),” a typically house-jacking club track that so flagrantly bites the chorus of “(I've Had) The Time of My Life” from “Dirty Dancing” that it has a kind of post-authorial genius. Consider it a musical Snuggie for tottering Valley party girls — it will feel marvelous in the cold, drunken and lonely hours of the night.

But complaining about such is like lamenting the rise of global capitalism. There is no viable alternative anymore. The better challenge is to find the pearls of techno-caveman beauty in the coke-nose vocal tweaks of “XOXOXO” or the Daft Punk aspirations of “The Best One Yet (The Boy).” They have a song called “Love You Long Time,” for goodness sake. That's all the Peas want to do, and they will not be ignored.

— August Brown

The Black Eyed Peas
“The Beginning”
Two stars

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A question. Without the rise of capitalism, how many Americans would have been able to support sending millions of dollars to Africa, Haiti and other poor nations to help provide life-saving care for the poor? When America was attacked on 9/11, only a few nations offered us assistance. But you know best.

I agree money would be better spent than buying music from the Black Eyed Peas, but at least we still have the freedom to do that. Folks in North Korea, Saudi Arabia and Iran don't.

You call this a review? I was looking for a review of this album, not a collection of snarky remarks about the band. I'm not a fan, but I was curious to learn something about the music. This "article" barely even mentions the music.

Pathetic excuse for a music critic and review.

Whoever this writer is needs a reality check. Scores of teachers were laid of from LAUSD today, evidence that jobs are becoming more scarce and valuable. This guy should not be paid for this (article?). In fact, I will never read another of his attempts at a music review again.

If you don't like your job, or don't feel like doing it, move on! I could write this column much better and give a proper critique as opposed to wasting readers' time.

This review is less than half-written. Please go away and don't come back until it is finished. I give you an F for effort. Lazy bum.

So where is the review of the album? I am actually pretty hyped for this. I expected to find the blog about global capitalism elsewhere.

I have to agree with the others who posted complaints.
This "review" truly is half-baked. it's not even a review. It feels more like an afterthought. It feels like something a kid in middle school or high school would write. Even at that level, I was writing better reviews and analyses than this.
There likely thousands of people who have been laid off from the media who could write a better review of this album.
I myself could listen to this album and easily write a better one than this. It's sad that so many hard-working, talented people in journalism have been cut loose, but this person has a job.

* Warlok wrote:

I started with the same attitude that this was a very different pod the peas are in.
After my second and third listen, it started growing on me and I now understand what they are doing.
A group, regardless of genre, is doomed if they stay on the same course.
When they dabble and play with timing and beats they are opening a new chapter of a book we call Black Eyed Peas.
Very simply they are on a tangent that Will be (without ANY doubt) sampled and re-sampled for the next few years. Looking back we will realize they knew exactly what they were doing, crankin out more hits that thump & bump all of Fergie’s Humps!
Watch and you’ll see, Verizon, Apple and all the others are lining up in dinner line to get a double or triple serving of Peas.
Rock On.


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