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There are worse things than being gridlocked on the Hollywood Freeway: Meet Imperial Stars

October 12, 2010 |  2:39 pm

This is the band that stopped traffic this morning on the Hollywood Freeway. At least it'll be remembered for something. The three-piece is called Imperial Stars, and judging by their desperate actions, they are neither imperial nor stars. Yes, posting on this is giving the band exactly what it hoped it would get from such a stunt: publicity. But it should be noted: There are very few things more unfortunate than being gridlocked during rush hour on the 101, and one of them is embedded above. 

The vulgar, angry comments coming in on YouTube suggest that the stunt may have backfired. After  scouring them looking for at least one that doesn't contain extreme profanity, here's one that passes  muster: "At first i thought this was an SNL parady or the filming of a fake documentary but these idiots actually want to be a 'real band' ... This is really hands down the worst song I have heard in YEARS."

-- Randall Roberts