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T.I. headed back to prison following arrest for drug possession

T.i. T.I. may have talked a suicidal man off a ledge this week, but the rapper wasn't able to talk a federal judge in Atlanta into letting him off the hook from prison.

After breaking his probation (following a 10-month prison term for weapons charges) with an arrest for drug possession in Los Angeles early last month, the Grammy-winning rapper, born Clifford Harris Jr., will return to prison for 11 months, according to the Associated Press.

Harris is quoted as pleading for leniency and admitting he "screwed up" and needed drug counseling, but failed to sway the court's opinion. It's another blow for the rapper at a pivotal point in his career, after the success of his crime-caper film "Takers" and the forthcoming release of his new album, the now-unfortunately titled "King Uncaged."

-- August Brown

Photo: Clifford "T.I." Harris. Credit: Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

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I wonder if he will give his wife, Tameka "Tiny" the ok to rekindle her reality show on BET since they canceled it due to T.I. not wanting his wife to outshine him. Its different now that the tables have turned.

I am mystified at the disparity between sentencing practices for rappers
and other celebrities. It seems to me that I can watch the Lindsay Lohans,
Paris Hilton, Leif Garret and others get away with murder but they seem to
always try to make young blacks who thrive in our society in anyway examples.
I not only think it is unjust, I think it is a blatant form of racism that
permeates within our society. I know that breaking the law is not good in
any way and don't condone it, but we all have be subject to equal punishment
otherwise we create an environment of continued mistrust and anger by blacks
and other minorities who plainly see it everyday. I truly wonder why Mr. Obama
and others never address these issues.

it seems you certainly have the map's process down don't you queen?

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LOL! @ Gerald -- dude, you can't be serious.


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