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Will Smith's daughter Willow wows the blog world with debut single 'Whip My Hair' [UPDATED]

WILLOW_PRESS Watch out Rihanna, there’s a 9-year-old looking to steal your thunder.

And judging by the barrage of tweets and online buzz that followed after Willow Smith -- the youngest offspring of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith -- leaked her debut single, Rihanna and every other pop starlet should have Willow on their radar.

Titled “Whip My Hair,” the radio-, club- and recess-friendly track sounds like something that Rihanna, Keri Hilson or Ciara might have cooked up for their latest albums.

And don't let her age fool you; the song packs serious punch.

Already a red carpet veteran, the littlest Smith has made a splash with her eye-catching outfits and hair -- her asymmetric bob looks perfect to whip back and forth like a helicopter (as she instructs in the single).

No stranger to entertainment, Willow appears to have her sights set on music after racking up some acting credits. She costarred with her father in 2007's "I Am Legend" and later alongside Mom -- who also dabbled in music when she fronted her own metal band -- in the animated feature “Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa.”

Big brother Jaden had a big summer with the surprise success of “The Karate Kid,” in which he starred. Like Dad, he also added rapper to his resume after the Justin Bieber-assisted “Never Say Never,” from the film’s soundtrack, became a hit.

Rumors are swirling that Willow will be snatched up by Jay-Z's Roc Nation music label for her debut, and she already has a few famous fans in her corner.

[Updated Sept. 9 12:30 p.m. Roc Nation officially announced they signed Smith to a record deal Thursday morning.  The 9-year-old appeared on Ryan Seacrest’s morning show along with label founder Jay-Z.

Of course like any proud (Hollywood) parents, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith issued their own statement, “After meeting with several record companies, it was clear that Jay-Z, Ty Ty, Jay Brown and the Roc Nation staff was the unquestionable choice. Their passion for Willow combined with their boundless vision and artistic integrity made Roc Nation the perfect home for our little girl.”

Jay-Z, who was responsible for launching Rihanna, offered his co-sign on the pint-size star in the making.

“We at Roc Nation are excited to work with Willow.  She has an energy and enthusiasm about her music that is truly infectious,” he said in a statement. “It's rare to find an artist with such innate talent and creativity at such a young age.  Willow is about to embark on an incredible journey and we look forward to joining her as she grows in all aspects of her career.”

The video for “Whip My Hair” will be shot in Los Angeles at the end of September.]

Bieber video director Alfredo Flores tweeted, "WHAT!!??! Willow Smith just KILLED "Whip My Hair"... Rihanna, Keri, Ciara, Ashanti -- please be warned." Solange Knowles, meanwhile, raved, "Willow Smith make me wanna whip some haiiirrr in this house. Ummm kill em girl. Kill em!"

Give a listen to the track below and tell us what you think.

-- Gerrick D. Kennedy

Photo: Willow Smith. Credit: Alan Silfen

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This song is made by a computer. Any kid's voice could be inserted.

Let's hear her sing something on stage with no computer manipulation.

Tooo cute for words. And her style is out of this world

I think that it isAbercrombie UK
good to see that Microsoft introduced there new programs in there conference. From this step the market will be improved by Microsoft.

u fail to realize something????? what have you made that sounds 1% as good as her voice with the track? at this age? can u say the career Raven should have had??? has my support

Jaden and Willow definitely take after their parents! Love this song! You go girl!

im sorry...once again, but c'mon you guys. This is just more empty, autotuned, 8bit beat BS. Im not trying to slag a 9 year old...she may be very talented, but this song does NOT show it. When will people finally get sick of autotuned everything and start appreciating real voices and real talent again.?..this sounds like every other annoying piece of clap trap on the radio and people are talking about it like its here to save music! This literally sounds like it took an hour to make...if that. People should demand more from these 10 producers who apparently make EVERYTHING and make so much money. I would love nothing more than for her to come out with something and make me say wow, i'm not hating, trying to discourage or be negative. Im just so sick of hearing people crank out crap and hearing other people talk about how genius it is .....This makes Lady Gaga sound like Mozart!!

I'm shocked that Dr. Luke wasn't involved with this auto-tuned mess. It's right up his alley.

Stupid, plain stupid. She looks terrible and shame on her parents.
She's nine years old!

Heavens! where do I begin? First..why is a 9 yr.old trying to relate to "her ladies"? Get the funky hair n heels n makeup and "grown-girl" image off of this child!! This generation is trying to grow up waaay too fast!! Second..REAL music and vocal talent will prevail soon enough and when it does- it will be breaking the hearts of teenie-boppin songstresses everywhere who have no real talent because THEIR VOICES HAVEN'T MATURED YET. An average artist lasts 5 yrs in the business. A great artist may last ten-15. It takes that "something different" to make a GREAT artist..and this song is not that different than any of the other mass-produced soundboard b.s. out there right now. If she doesn't fizzle out in a year she will be retired at age 13 then try to make a dreaded comeback 10 yrs. later- no offense NKOTB. Pick up a guitar, a piano, a real instrument or band, even, and DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT!!!

I weep for this generation of music fans

It's a cute recording, by a cute little girl using the best available talent and technology. Perhaps she has real talent, it sounds to me like she does, but, more importantly, I am hopeful that her parents will be able to keep her grounded in the real world. 9 years old is very young to become public property - and I can only site Tatum O'Neal, Drew Barrymore, Danny Bonaduce, and a host of other child stars who had to go crazy before they got sane again. I'm concerned that 4th grade is a little early for this type of exposure.

just think its too early to start singing, get some education

Its ok but think about autotuned and then when you have people in the entertaiment world it makes it easy for anybody in that family to become famous.Im from Pittsburgh and we are a real talent city its just that nobody give us a chance. A REAL RAPPER ARE SINGER CAN DO IT WITHOUT NO BEAT,AUTOTUNED ARE MUSIC.Thats when u no the real deal.


I luv willow she is so cute I wish she waz ma lil sis nd im a very good singer too me both nd ma group nd its not hard to find young singers jus go to any skool u can find um nd im er nd I luv mj

Willow Smith is an amazing little girl. For 9 years old she can sing better then most singer out today. I give her a lot of credit for what she is doing. What did you expected of the daughter of an amazing rapper/singer and actor?? duh.. lol

I like the song but it is kind of disturbing for a 9 year old little girl to be talking about haters, rolling up, and needing to whip her hair back and forth. I am a musician, new to the recording game because I play live, so I immediately analyze tracks now because I know some of the tricks. This record is a bag of tricks all put together in a cute little 9yr old PR bundle. Willow should probably do some growing up before she breaks further into the music world, it does get harsh out there live and without effects to make you sound amazing. But miss Willow is a talented she should just tone it down a little bit and not try to be 25. I did that and it is working out, but then again my dad isn't Will Smith.

Seem she's having fun. And the first time I saw her video, I thought she's the young version of Rihanna. Though she got her own style. At her age, she's doing good. Love it!

She is so young!

"what have you made that sounds 1% as good as her voice with the track? at this age? "

Uh... can you say waaaaaay besides the point?

An opinion on the music you listen to is based on the soundwaves traveling into your head, not any talent or lack therefore the person has in the realm of music... then again people who make your argument are often too stupid to get that.


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