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Steven Tyler as 'American Idol' judge: Proof of his mettle

With this morning's official announcement that Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez will be assuming the role of judges on "American Idol," a few of our younger readership might wonder about Tyler's credentials. Yes, he could be your grandfather, and yes, he is the father of Liv Tyler. In his life, he has fallen off stages and countless wagons. But over the course of his career, the Aerosmith singer has been down on his hands and knees for his fans -- all in a desire to convey (sweet) emotions within music. It is this trait that he will be looking to identify in the next American Idol.

So, the question should be asked: Is he qualified? Above, we offer evidence that he is, in a clip of Aerosmith performing "Dream On" during MTV's 10th anniversary celebration in 1991. While it could be argued that an artist such as Tyler might be too empathetic and forgiving of younger singers to be an effective judge, anyone who understands the notion of "performance" as Tyler so obviously does might, at the very least, be able to infuse a little more action into the proceedings. Maybe.

-- Randall Roberts

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Steven's been in the business for 40 some years. He knows what it takes to be successful and if anyone has wisdom and insight and advice on how to make it in the music industry its him! He may just surprise us. He loves the band more than anything, I'm sure he won't let AI get in the way of anything and why can't he do something different? You would want a change of pace too if you did the same job for 40 years. YAY STEVEN ON IDOL :)

Great.I agree with you.(...........)Thanks..(Daily Breaking News

They’ll make great judges


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