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Lil Wayne releases video for the title track from 'I'm Not a Human Being' EP

L4e15inc After a four-year run in which he worked longer and odder hours than a subcontinental call center employee, Lil Wayne has been conspicuously silent since starting his year-long prison sentence in March.

Granted, he's been dictating blog posts and has given the occasional interview, but the wellspring of mixtapes and albums he's constantly unleashed has finally been capped, giving fans a chance to catch up with his deep discography, and allowing anticipation to build for his new music.

The curious and the converted received their first taste of his new direction last month, when he called into Funkmaster Flex's radio show and unveiled the Drake-assisted "Right Above It." And now, he's released the official video for the title track from his "I'm Not a Human Being" EP, which is tentatively slated for release on Sept.  27, Wayne's 28th birthday.

While it's certain to satiate those who hang onto every one of his enjambed syllables, the song and video break little new ground for Wayne. Thematically, he's sticking to the extraterrestrial topics he conjured more viscerally and with more innovation on tracks such as "Phone Home." Lyrically, he's removed from his more free-associative jags and seems strangely grounded -- reduced to easy similes like "you guys are squares ... like a grid."

As for the beat, it's an effective "808s" and "King of Rock"-Rick Rubin rip -- one that sounds straight out of a Cool Kids song from 2007 or Jay-Z's "Jockin' Jay-Z," which was released the following year. For someone like Wayne, who has prided himself on being a futuristic visionary, it sounds already dated.  Reportedly taken from one of the tracks from the currently delayed "Tha Carter IV," it's not a bad song, but nor is it the rousing comeback that his followers may have expected. 

Either way, expect the EP to go gold and the comment box to be flooded with people declaring its world-conquering excellence.

You can check out Wayne's new video here, but be forewarned: It's got some typically rough language.

-- Jeff Weiss

Photo: Lil Wayne performing in New Orleans in 2009. Credit: Patrick Semansky / Associated Press.

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Sounds like he's been listening to a lot of Schooly-D in the clink.

Already sounds dated? smh and this is better than Phone Home...on phone home he was TRYING to sound alien...it was good

but here the alien aspect is just how good he is not how weird. 10/10

honastly i love this songg.its got tha same theme as phone home but is better for me cuz i love rock and rap mixed together and weezy does it fantasticily

Wow how would you know what "his followers expect".
Wezzy makes straight up good music every doing he makes.
And puts 110 %.
Wack summery.


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