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Lady Gaga's meat dress: a bloody mess? [Updated]

Meat200 So -- Lady Gaga's meat dress at the VMAs last night. Times food blogger Jessica Gelt found it unsanitary and wasteful. Times art critic Christopher Knight found it trite and passe.

While my instinct as a nine-year vegan was to promptly dry heave at the sight of such a thing, let's assume she meant what she said that it's an indictment of the treatment of gays and lesbians in America. Wearing a dress made of raw flank steak is a real funny way to make a point about compassion and empathy.

And that's not to mention the absolute inanity of the metaphor itself, as if she were saying, "America treats gay people like meat, you see, and I will call attention to this fact by draping myself in it." That's some real Helene Cixous-level gender and sexual identity discourse there.

We're partial to Gaga's music and provocations around these parts, but doing something pointlessly repellent and vicious towards animals at a video awards show and calling it a commentary on gay rights doesn't advance any conversation or change a single person's mind about the virtues of marriage equality.

This feels more like a tipping point in revealing that Gaga's antics aren't in service of any real, learned feminism, activism or even pop-art bomb throwing. It's just about her. And if something's got to die to make her point? Well. Art!

[UPDATED: If Gaga is interested in a primer on the intersection of sexual violence and meat imagery, Carol J. Adams might prove an intriguing introduction to the topic for her.]

-- August Brown

Photo credit: Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

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Lady Gaga made headlines when she wore a dress made entirely of RAW MEAT, but here are several legendary rock stars that say the way to go is VEGETARIAN. Chrissie Hynde from "The Pretenders," Tony Kanal of "No Doubt," and Mike Ness, lead singer of "Social Distortion" spoke up in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAZYZkkpiqE

Mad Gaga Disease - her next trick at the 2011 VMAs the dress will be made out of worms, magots and mixed with blood. She is disgusting.

@ Krysten:

To all of the ignorant people saying the dress was not made of real meat, you are wrong. Just to make sure you get it:


So before you tell the author of this article to get their facts straight, perhaps YOU should do the same. Just because YOU didn't think it was meat, you acted like it wasn't. Well guess what... It was, and boy, don't you look stupid?

More proof that the mindless American public will follow something as outrageous as this.

The more she does things like this, the more it solidifies my belief that she has no talent.

There are certain things to protest about and there are certain things that are pointless. Wearing real meat in an unsanitary condition such as in front of extremely hot stagelights, california temperatures, and close proximity to other people is just stupid and shows little or no care for those around you. This is America where free speech is lauded above most other rights given to us by our constitution, but the line is drawn where that speech or act impings on another citizens safety.
Working in the field of food safety I know from experience and education that it would have been extremely simple for someone to simply brush up against her meat suit then absent mindedly bite their fingernails, rub their eye, scratch a mosquito bite and bingo that person has E. Coli, they then take it home ands pass it on to their children who are more succeptable and worst case scenario you end up with a dead child.
Also if no one is aware of the fact Americans consume nearly 3/4 of the ENTIRE WORLDS consumables so fighting gay rights, the end to nuclear weapons, high taxes, human rights, whatever by perpetrating the very thing that is eventually going to destroy the world first, unneeded waste, is self-serving, egomaniacal and completely irresponsible.
Anyone wants to argue with me, look up the world grain storage statistics, last I checked the world only had enough grain to support us for 70 days if production stopped for whatever reason. 70 days! Thats not even half a schoool year.

PETA - People Eating Tasty Animals. nom nom nom nom.

Its a bit ridiculous that you so called fans out there, no longer appreciate her and rather, decide to shun her from your musical tastes, because of an outfit she wore at the vmas. Get real. If you were even fans at all, and I mean true fans, then a garment, wether it be crafted from meat or human skin wouldn't cause you to suddenly despise her. Yes it might be a little odd, and kind of unsanitary, but if you are gonna choose to complain and bitch and moan, than do so to alexander mcqueen who was the designer. Lady gaga did not kill the cow, or design the dress, she merley wore it. And as a concept overall, its actually quite hardcore. She's not starved for attention, because she's lady gaga. Cmon she is a household name and practically a legend. She is known for her outlandish nature and I bet yyou next year shell do something more shocking that will give you ill minded haters something more interesting to talk about.

Why do any of the media cover this idiot. Talk about 15 min is up.
The one thing madonna has over the copycat is Madonna is hot even today. Gag Gag is just another Jersey show. Wow I cant wait fot all of the kids in Highschool that will be talking like these fools in the coming months.

How is it dry cleaned? The outfit is wrong on so many levels. Yuk.

as a gay man i feel very unmoved by this show of support. people already hate gays as it is, so why do something gross and stupid on their behalf? it just makes things worse. these antics don't help anyone take anything seriously and are only good for a laugh or two.

Ugh. What a pointless and disgusting way to try to make a point.

Hurry, hurry 'Lady' Gag-Gag... BEFORE they finish installing the anti-suicide barrier on the Cold Springs Bridge... there's STILL a chance for you to, "ahem", 'take in the view'... PERMENANTLY!

If she wants to look like raw meat, she should get someone to rip her skin off. That should put her off the look, permanently.

Lady Steak De Rumproast needs meat bees on her!!!!

She can't beat my p-p-p-p-porterhouse face!! Tenderize that baby!!!

Just because you are a vegan/animal activist doesn't mean that other people are too, or even that other people care if someone wears meat. I think that society should stop caring about what people wear, or do, unless it has a direct affect on them. I guess following my own logic, I shouldn't care that you care about this, because it has no real affect on me.

If this were, in fact, made of real meat, I would find this to be a waste. That meat could have been consumed rather than worn for a day or so. It's a shame that an animal would have to die for something like that. However, I doubt she could have gotten away with wearing real meat for that long. Would it not be crawling with maggots and have a horrid smell after a few hours of being worn?

Well, being a vegetarian, she certainly grabbed my attention, but I already support the gay/lesbian community. I'm not sure about the analogy she was trying to make, either. This just looks like a stunt to get attention.

I'm wondering how much of a difference this will actually make. I think most people will look at it and react to the dress itself, not what it's supposed to stand for.

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