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Kanye West apologizes to Taylor Swift, releases new song, "Devil in a New Dress"

Consider it a resolution to the "Introduction Eruption," the overblown media hailstorm that barraged Kanye West following his interruption of Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the 2009 VMA's. Roughly 365 days and a million Internet meme's later, West has finally taken to his latest favorite medium, Twitter, to apologize to the 20-year-old country music star.

The full text of his Tweets has been handily compiled in letter form by tech webite Gizmodo. Among the revelations of his quintessentially Westian ramble were: "I've always been at the mercy of the press, but no more... The media tried to demonize me. They wanted y'all to believe I was a monster in real life so you guys wouldn't listen or buy my music anymore. I feel like they were waiting for the opportunity to go in all the way on me, and when it came, they beat me to a pulp. Even now a lot of articles start their first two paragraphs about how much of a [jerk] I am."

"For the first time, I felt the impact of my brash actions. People booed when I would go to concerts and the performer mentioned my name. Remember in Anchor Man when Ron Burgandy [sic] cursed on air, and the entire city turned on him? But this wasn't a joke. This was and is my real life."

"I wrote a song for Taylor Swift that's so beautiful, and I want her to have it. If she won't take it then I'll perform it for her. She had nothing to do with my issues with award shows. She had no idea what hit her. She's just a li'l girl with dreams like the rest of us. She deserves the apology more than anyone."

He then went on to discuss his love of the play "Wicked" (he's seen it four times) and discuss his newfound humility. Presumably, he found it while shopping at Hermes.

Unsurprisingly, the media-bypassing deluge dovetails with the forthcoming release of West's new record, tentatively titled "Dark Twisted Fantasy," and slated for a Nov. 14 release date.

In order to make good on his desire for goodwill, West has been releasing songs every weekend for the last several weeks, a trend he has christened "G.O.O.D. Friday." The most recent is "Devil in a New Dress," a Bink-produced track that channels the earlier pre-electro half of West's career. Over a weeping soul sample, West indulges in age-old devil/woman dualities and name-drops everyone from Lyor Cohen to Lebron James. It's what you expect from Kanye: soul samples, one-liners and unabashed cockiness.

For those who disliked his last two records for their unexpected turns, judging from his most recent leaked tracks, his new record will be full of dark fantasies, but it may not be all that twisted.

Download: (via Kanye West)
MP3: Kanye West-"Devil in a New Dress"

-- Jeff Weiss

Photo: Kanye West interrupts Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at last year's MTV Video Music Awards. Credit: Jason DeCrow / Associated Press

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He's only apologizing (again) because he wants good publicity. Think about it, why would he apologize over twitter? He wanted everyone to see and say "I guess he's really a good guy." That way sales on his next album might not suck as bad as his music does. I really dont hold anything against him but I do think this is just a stunt to better his image.

West says Taylor Swift is "just a li'l girl..." Looks to me like that li'l girl is about 4 inches taller than him.

Wow. So a year later, in an effort to boost record sales, he comes up with a twitter rant that's somehow labeled an apology? It's absurd. First he blames racism, then he says that what truly pains him is that his potential audience may have diminished in number. Not because that will mean moving fewer units, but because a smaller slice of the world will benefit from his work, which he describes as "truth and beauty."

The narcissism is noteworthy, but has become tedious.

I don't care to hear any more about this dim, sad excuse for a man.

Jeez, I almost forgot about him and now this?!

How is that even an apology? until he title's the track "I'm sorry Taylor Swift" it's not worth a shred of sympathy.

I like some of his music but he is and will always be a total D-bag

West and Swift have something in common. Both are lab creations by record labels designed to project an image and then sell that image as long as they can. Their music is nothing but rehashed beats and chorus lyrics that feed the unending pop machine America craves. I will never consider either one of them a real "musician," Grammy or not.

Say what you want about the man, the fact that he just hit 1 million twitter followers indicates he's doing something right within the social media realm. Even if the apology is just a PR stunt, look at how successful it was--Kanye has every news outlet and blog covering the story.

Ok now this dude is officially the biggest looser of 2010

Kanye is a clown. Nobody is buying this fool's apology. It's all good if he wants to engage in a war of words with rappers, but publicly stealing the stage from a 20 year old country singer after she won an award showed how pathetic he had become.

It also didn't help that the artist he interrupted happened to be the most beloved white female country/pop star of the last 10-20 years. Middle America immediately hated Kanye from that moment on. I feel bad for Kanye's publicist for having to deal with such an unpredictable egomaniac.

Advice: Interrupt another rapper's acceptance award. That way you can create a feud, let your entourage fight it out, and sell some records at the same time. Everyone wins.

Get off the booze, Kanye, and make your amends in private. Then it might mean something.

Love his music, can't stand his media personality (real or not). He needs to keep some things to himself (or private, ie a song for Taylor Swift and whether or not she will sing it) and just grow up.

Don't tell me you're sorry 'cause you're not
Baby when I know you're only sorry you got caught
But you put on quite a show
Really had me going
But now it's time to go
Curtain's finally closing
That was quite a show
Very entertaining
But it's over now (but it's over now)
Go on and take a bow

Over one million followers on twitter and this guy is only following two, either there are one million sucker fans or one million people twitering the middle finger. The only thing that west is interested in is west and the almighty dollar.
So are there any interesting entertainment stories coming up?

I've seen Wicked four time too. I didn't think I had anything at all in common with Kanye, but now it appears I do.


Taylor shoul've told that loudmouthed hip-hop loser too little too late.

Wow really people get over the whole kanye west taylor swift thing, it was a year ago!! On top of that it was most likely a publicity stunt but seriously who cares ?!!!!!!!!!!

As we listened to TWO songs by TWO artists seeking increased record sales, its interesting how the public's viewpoints are so different. This is a marketing strategy to sell records for BOTH of them. An apology. An acceptance. A twitter rant. Songs on the same stage heralding the same event. I'm not falling for it. In my mind, Taylor Swift needs to get over it and Kanye needs to move on and move forward. Strangely, if it wasn't for THE EVENT, I would have no idea who Taylor Swift was. He kind of made her the "star" that she is...in my opinion.

It bothers me a lot that he always apologizes over the media, Twitter, radio, daytime shows such as, The Today Show and Good Morning America. He has STILL not apologized to Taylor Swift IN PERSON. He has too much pride and needs to humble himself, to apologize to someone who is younger than him. He needs to take responsiblity for his actions, not beat around the bush. And Taylor Swift is not a "lil' girl", she is MORE mature than he is. I have lost all respect for him and refuse to watch him perform on any show, including Saturday Night Live. He needs to Man Up.

that Taylor Swift video sucked ass anyway.


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