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Free for All Festival envelops the Echo and Echoplex on Sunday, gives away exclusive mixtape

FreeForAllFest The phrase "information wants to be free" is a dubious chestnut often attributed to technology writer Stewart Brand. But though the venerable gadfly had experience with Ken Kesey and the Acid Tests, his adage didn't cover music festivals, which quite often gouge attendees with astronomical prices.

Not so at Sunday's Free for All Festival, which boasts headliners Akron/Family, Active Child and Langhorne Slim, and a pay-what-you-can donation scheme. Running from 4 p.m. until midnight at the Echo and Echoplex, the festival bills itself as an alternative to the expensive and often heavily corporate sponsored events that abound.

Organized by Phil Eastman, Robert Kittleman and Jody Orsborn, founder of the indie folk and roots music-skewing website When You Awake, the all-ages event is cultivating an aesthetic that asks fans to "dig in and get their hands dirty."

Accordingly, attendees are requested to bring instruments to start impromptu jams between music breaks, and the Coachella Art Studios will be curating several art stations. There will be several food trucks, vendors and craftsman -- expect a veritable neo-hippie haven. 

But don't mistake the lineup for a slate of addled and air-headed balladeers. Eastman, Kittleman and Orsborn have booked powerful performers including the aforementioned names plus alt-country ramblers   Roadside Graves and Frank Fairfield, whose weary Dust Bowl-era ballads create a mood closer to a seance than a revival. Plus, Akron/Family promises to lead the audience in a live recording of "Woody Guthrie's America."

In honor of the event, the organizers have compiled a Free for All Festival mixtape, exclusive to Pop & Hiss, to be found after the jump.

ZIP: Free for All Festival mixtape (left click)


1. Bad Weather California -- "New Religion"

2. Akron/Family -- "River"

3. Langhorne Slim -- "Colette"

4. Smart Brothers -- "Song Bird Sing"

5. Frank Fairfield -- "To the Sweet Sunny South"

6. The Roadside Graves -- "My Son’s Home"

7. Hi Ho Silver Oh -- "Children"

8. Sean Hayes -- "Garden"

9. Active Child -- "When Your Love Is Safe"

10. Wild Recording Act Don Juan Y Los Blancos -- "I’ll Let Nothing Separate Me"

11. Old Man Markley -- "Running Weight"

12. The Dustbowl Revival -- "Marching On"

13. Mouse Heaven -- "Sleep Tonight"

14. Dreamcatcher -- "Ecologist"

-- Jeff Weiss

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Don't forget your cowboy boots.

"the festival bills itself as an alternative to the expensive and often heavily corporate sponsored events that abound."

Uh, talk about being a champion of the obvious. When you have a line up of absolute no-names, not only is it going to be cheaper (the no-namers don't and to be honest, can't, charge as much as the obviously bigger named acts) but you also will NOT attract the bigger sponsors, again, because to sponser this uber-snooze fest would be financial malfeasance in the truest meaning of the word.

I'm just sayin'...

A clear sign of pending failure is when a "festival" of this nature asks for "donations" as they know that to charge more than a couple of bucks, tops, for this so-called "festival" would get nothing but cold stares and/or outright laughter to ones face.

"When You Awake"...oh how delicious the irony...


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