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Phil Spector documentary to screen in Hollywood on Aug. 19-25

Phil Spector 2nd trial 2009

A new British documentary, “The Agony and Ecstasy of Phil Spector,” will screen for a week in August at the American Cinematheque’s Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, where the film’s director and co-producer, Vikram Jayanti, will be on hand for the opening night on Aug. 19.

Jayanti interviewed Spector in depth during his first trial in the murder of actress Lana Clarkson at his Alhambra mansion in 2003. That trial ended in a hung jury, but on re-trial, Spector was convicted and is now serving a 19-years-to-life prison sentence.

The Times of London called Jayanti’s 102-minute film examining Spector's storied career “Not only a hell of an exclusive, but a work of art in itself,  a synthesis of a psychological profile, a critical history and a candid, surprising interview. An overwhelming experience.”

A review in Mojo magazine called it "A dark, gripping, revelatory and at times hilarious portrait. Spector himself is utterly captivating. Unmissable."

-- Randy Lewis

Photo of Phil Spector in Los Angeles Superior Court in 2009. Credit: Mark Boster / Los Angeles Times

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Are they making him a hero, like Polanski?

The British, who produced “The Agony and Ecstasy of Phil Spector,” usually DON'T GET IT. The British ( which I am proudly one half) have always had a slanted view of this murder and the murderer. There have been other British productions and books, usually valentines to Spector. These are from the same people who think that Frederick von Anhalt is a real prince, loves his wife as a hetro male, and is famous because he is on TMZ. Hilarious.

We, The Friends of Lana Clarkson group, are officially ignoring this production-mainly to not bring any further attention to it. In fact the movie is the best evidence yet that Phil Spector had the attitude, the track record with guns, and the motive to kill Lana Clarkson. But unfortunately it does further Spector's fame.
This documentary, will screen at the American Cinematheque’s Egyptian. We contacted them and here is there response to our concerns: " The film in no way glorifys Spector. It actually does go into the fact that he had a history of mistreating both men and women and pretty clearly paints him as a severely mentally ill individual. It does not invoke sympathy, nor, as suggested to me..., was produced with Spector's money as a propaganda vehicle.... . The film is making the rounds at non-commercial cinemas in the US and as you know is a production of BBC television. If ...(you) were to read the reviews that have come in from New York by the boatload this week, she would see that it is unanimous that the film in no way is a propaganda vehicle for Spector. By protesting the film...(it) would be protesting that he is an insane person who should rightly be locked up." We agree. Edward Rhodes Lozzi, Friends of Lana Clarkson

The British get it. Ed Lozzi just seems more intent (with a gang of cyber-terrorists) obsessing over someone he does not know. He should know better than anyone that Clarkson had a history of drug abuse, may have been a prostitute who played with guns, etc. Five major forensic scientists testified that Lana Clarkson (who had mixed alcohol and vicodin) SHOT herself at Phil Spector's house. The DA, and others, certainly have gone to extraordinary lengths to glorify Lana Clarkson which I view as outrageous.

I was Leonard Cohen's personal manager for 17 years and will address his THEFT of my share of intellectual property, commissions, etc. He committed criminal tax fraud. I reported that. He retaliated - after his bribes of 50% community property (made by his lawyer, Robert Kory, in front of witnesses - my lawyers and accountant) - with this lawsuit. He also publicly stated that he wasn't accusing me of THEFT and noted his motive: his massive tax hit which I was told carried penalties and interest in the vicinity of $30 million. I was never served Cohen's fraudulent lawsuit. The judge has no jurisdiction over me and no right, whatsoever, to participate in theft and/or embezzlement. Leonard Cohen made an appearance in Phil Spector's trials. Mick Brown/UK Telegraph advised me that Cohen testified in the grand jury. He most certainly showed up in the prosecutor's Motion in Limine. What's shocking is that I met the detectives at Cohen's house who came by to interview him about Phil Spector. He told me that he confirmed for them that his comments about Phil Spector over the years were good rock 'n roll comments. I would assume he was referring to his highly embellished comments that journalists so loved and which he used to advance his career with - such as the story he recounted for BBC Radio about biting into revolvers in hamburgers. Leonard Cohen has a well documented history of psychiatric problems and drug abuse. He's another individual who has been glorified.

I think there should be investigations into what happened to Phil Spector and others. And I think the parties involved in that set up should be locked away. As for Lana Clarkson's mother - it is inconceivable to me that a woman would attempt to profit off her daughter's suicide.

There is a highly coordinated campaign of cyber-terrorism on the internet. I, and others, have been targeted by these stark raving lunatics with obvious motive. They are vulgar, vile, malicious, and pure trash. Leonard Cohen has decided to align himself with them. They have engaged in a campaign of criminal harassment with respect to me, my family, friends, and business associate. They are, as people have noted, deranged and out of control.

Mr. Spector had no MOTIVE to shoot Clarkson. Other people had MOTIVE to set him up - using gold diggers and groupies who relayed gossip and hearsay on the witness stand.

Ed Lozzi has motive also. He appears to be seeking attention off the suicide of his so-called friend. It is revolting.

I will now assume that the cyber-terrorists will descend. Their lies, slander, threats, etc. do not work in reality.

Kelley Lynch

Phil Spector's Murder Trial Was A Sham


Please do yourselves a favor and do not entertain any more comments from Kelley Lynch. Lynch is a wanted criminal with numerous warrants out for her arrest in California. Despite her claims to the contrary, Lynch has admitted on other sites that she does not know Phil Spector. She has a 2005 $10,000,000 judgement against her, won by Leonard Cohen after she stole $7,000,000 from him. The additional $3,000,000 is the accrued interest, as ordered by the court. She claims on other sites that this award, as well as others, are all fraudulent because she was never served with the court papers. She did, however, make statements to the press at the time of the trial concerning this matter, belying her statements that she knew nothing of it. Once you print this comment, you will be besieged with threats to report you to the IRS, FBI, DOJ, the US Attorney General, the Governors of various states, the Attorneys General of various states, and numerous police departments and private attorneys. You will also be placed on her spam list and will receive sometimes dozens of emails a day lambasting anyone who disagrees or takes exception to anything she says. Please, in the name of all that is decent, do not give this vile creature another avenue to post the filth she posts elsewhere.


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