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Alternative Press celebrates 25 years with a gallery show featuring the visual art of musicians

July 9, 2010 |  9:57 am

MarilynManson_babys_on_fire It's tempting to begin this post with a snarky joke about the dangers of putting a paint palette into the hands of a musician. But the simple truth is that writing songs and making visual art are both creative endeavors, and those who do one often excel at the other too.

Which is why Saturday night's art opening at the Merry Karnowsky Gallery in Hollywood, featuring the artwork of musicians and visual artists, might be worth a gander. (Or, if not, you can go there and laugh at all the pretentious creations and feel superior -- then go home and watch another episode of "Jersey Shore.")

The show, which was created by Alternative Press magazine as a way to celebrate the alt-rock bible's 25th anniversary, features artwork by an impressive variety of musicians, as well as images culled from the magazine's archives. Those participating include Marilyn Manson, Shirley Manson (no relation), Tim Armstrong of Rancid, Frank Black of the Pixies, Adam Jones (Tool), Liz McGrath (Miss Derringer), the entire lineup of the Bronx (intriguing!), Pete Wentz (Fallout Boy), Adam Jones (Tool), and lots and lots of the emo and post-emo (is that a genre yet?) musicians so intertwined with Alternative Press' recent editorial bent. 

Admittedly, some of this artwork probably wouldn't make it onto a gallery wall were it not for the creators' successes as musicians, and Christopher Knight would probably have some pretty strong opinions about the validity of this stuff. But if you're at all curious as to what kind of talent, say, Marilyn Manson has when he's holding a paint brush, you can get your answer at the show (or look at the image above, which was painted by him). Or if you want to see what Shirley Manson of Garbage can do with a knitting needle and some pink yarn, here's your chance.

-- Randall Roberts

The public opening of Alternative Press 25th anniversary art show takes place at the Merry Karnowsky Gallery, 170 S. La Brea, Hollywood, on Saturday from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. The show runs through July 23.