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Los Lobos cancel Arizona concert appearance to protest SB1070

This just in from Los Lobos' camp: The band is canceling its performance at the Talking Stick Resort in Arizona's Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community on June 10 as a protest against the passing of the state's controversial new immigration bill, SB1070. The band issued the following statement via its management:

“We support the boycott of Arizona. The new law will inevitably lead to unfair racial profiling and possible abuse of people who just happen to look Latino. As a result, in good conscience, we could not see ourselves performing in Arizona. We regret the inconvenience this may have caused the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, Casino Arizona, Talking Stick Resort and our fans, but we feel strongly that it is the right thing to do.”

-- Randall Roberts

Photo: Louie Perez, left, David Hidalgo, Cesar Rosas and Steve Berlin of Los Lobos, in the studio in April.  Credit: Bob Chamberlin / Los Angeles Times

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Bravo Los Lobos! Thank you for supporting those of us who oppose this racist law. Now let's hope that many more artists and entertainers will follow suit. Gracias and Si Se Puede!


I applaud Los Lobos and all the other musicians and artist taking a stand against SB 1070. The new law is clearly set out to unjustly target people based on their skin color. Un-American and Unconstitutional.

As a proud American Citizen I'm ashamed for what AZ is doing.

I agree with Los Lobos - "IT'S THE RIGHT THING TO DO!!"

GOOD GOING, guys!!! I am PROUD OF YOU for talking a stand and refusing to go along with "business as usual" in the face of this racist and blatantly unconstitutional law, SB 1070. You have my full support. Keep it up!!!

Thanks Guys!! LOVE you, and support your stance on this one!

Oh! Arizonans must be crushed!!!

Im glad they canceled their concert. Their fighting for a god couse. Latinos will never be second class citezens!!!

Ironic that they chose to boycott a venue where SB 1070 will never be in effect (on an indian reservation where the state law has no jurisdiction)

This is all so sad! I have a German Father and a Mexican Mother. I have green eyes and blond hair, my first language was Spanish, which we still speak at home & I was born in a small house in 69 in the small border town of Sasabe Arizona (which most of you probably don't even know what that town is about or were it is) . I have personally experience racism from both cultures. But, all I really want to say is that two wrongs doesn't make it right.

Good work!

I always liked LOS LOBOS. It's funny how it only took this stupid law to expose all the undercover racism in this country! LOS LOBOS did a good decision.

Los Lobos cancelled concert because they didn't have papers.

Nice job Los Lobos for being one of the first bands in the industry to speak out against this bill. It's amazing that hardly no others in the mainstream have the guts to say something. The legalization of racial profiling is disgusting to me as an American. This is very similar to what Ray Charles did in the south.

Everyone that is against SB 1070, have you actually read the bill? It seems with all the ignorant comments on this section, nobody has to understand this bill.

Who cares?

For all those people who keep saying "have u read the bill" I don't have to. It's enough to know that a cop can pull you over for traffic violation and ask you for your birth certificate. Arizona was known for not recognizing Martin Luther King as a holiday. What do you call that? People took a stand on such an insult and boycotted Arizona. Let us tell Arizona legislatures this is not the way to fix our borders!!


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