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The Times appears on the cover of the new issue of Spin (oh, and so does Scott Weiland)

May 20, 2010 |  6:00 am

Cover hi The June issue of Spin magazine features an amazing new fashion advancement on its cover: A shirtless Scott Weiland, seemingly caught off guard by a photographer, is wrapping himself in a newsprint halter top made from one of the most exquisite fabrics currently on the market: Section A of the Los Angeles Times.

The cover teases a story inside the music magazine on Stone Temple Pilots and their reunion, and hits all the tension spots that STP and Velvet Revolver fans might be curious about: "The drugs, the fights, the reunion, and the surprising new album," reads the cover headline.

In the story, written by Stephen Elliott, Weiland opens up about his roller-coaster ride through rock 'n' roll, addiction and all, and even reveals that one of his Velvet Revolver band mates was also struggling with drugs. Says Weiland:

“[It was] one of those situations where people were waiting for a train wreck. When I first joined, I was looking to kick dope, and everyone in the band was sober. I kicked dope and other members relapsed. Slash was using dope when we were making a second record, and his wife told him she would kick him out of the house if he didn’t get clean.”

You can read the story online here.

(And, for the record, based on the newspaper's publication date, Weiland's photo shoot took place on April 10. Apparently, President Obama's weapons overhaul hedges on some key issues to placate conservatives.)

-- Randall Roberts