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Christina Aguilera postpones summer tour

CAChristina Aguilera, who was set to tour in support of her highly anticipated new album "Bionic" alongside Leona Lewis, has pushed back the tour a year.

In a statement from Live Nation, Aguilera announced the summer tour has been moved to 2011 due to prior commitments she had to make for promoting the album, set to hit stores June 4 and her upcoming film debut, "Burlesque," which is slated for a November release and co-stars Cher. 

"The singer felt she needed more time to rehearse the show and with less than a month between the album release and tour date this wasn’t possible," the statement read. 

New dates will be announced later this year.

Refunds for tickets to Aguilera’s Aug. 19 show at  Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Irvine are available at point of purchase.

Aguilera is slated to perform at the MTV Movie Awards on June 6.

-- Gerrick D. Kennedy


Photo credit: Spencer Weiner/Los Angeles Times

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Wait until Lady Gaga fanatics come here posting that this is due to poor ticket sales. Oh, and no doubt they will make use of the oh-so-mature nickname "Floptina". You guys hate it when people refer to your Mother Monster as "Lady Caca", but you sure love to insult other artists in the very same manner, eh? You can dish it, but you can't take it.

i'm glad she postponed it, i thought it was so quick to tour, i mean she has all these tv apperances and on top of that a tour? glad shes gonna take her time to make a better tour :D

Well I am sure it will come out that this is due to terrible advance ticket sales for Floptina, Lady Gaga has ascended to her throne!!!

Too bad even Ke$ha is more popular than Floptina now.

I don't care for Christina or Gaga, but it is obvious that low ticket sales were the reason for canceling the tour. I'm sure the tour wasn't planned at the spur of the moment. Of course not. Tickets were sold in advance of the start of the tour, and not enough were sold to warrant the show to go on.

I didn't have enough time is a lame excuse. If she had "prior" commitments, then why was a tour scheduled in the first place.

There are many local artists (who actually PLAY their own instruments AND write their own songs!) who need to be supported.
Spend your time and money on them instead of these millionaire, glitzy corporate "artists"-who are all style, NO SUBSTANCE!

Nomad...you seem to be having an argument with yourself.

And losing.

This is obviously due to poor ticket sales. You think she didn't know about her prior commitments before they scheduled this tour?

I've never been a Christina Aguilera, and that's not her fault.
Undoubtedly, a distinct and powerful vocalist. Early-on, her career was
craftily and methodically derailed when her sheer talent was over-shadowed
by a well-constructed sleazy and tawdry image. While others, were deceptively
cast as destined "princesses". GaGa, beyond her non-stop promotion machine?
Couldn't carry Christina's (or Pink's) microphone. Got, dawgs??

Christina Aguilera tried calling herself X-tina - What ever happened to that failed promotion? She was always trying, stretching, reaching, but now Aguilera waited too long. She took time off from work - a seriously long time. I enjoyed Aguilera's career, her music was as catchy as her battles with Brittany Spears, but Christina stopped performing, stopped making appearances, and now she is simply a singer behind the times. Sure Christina can pretend to be shocking, professional, hip, and she can even pretend to be sexy, but future performers have edged her out. I really wish her well. Hope Christina can find another successful career path. But for now, Christina Aguilera is as bankable as Whitney Houston. Now I am under the impression that American Idol has an opening to fill - Maybe Simon and Christina can work out a deal with American Idol and fill that empty space in the Idol void.

Christina Aguilera of all people should have known that crowds can be unreliable. As Marilyn Manson once said in his song, Dope Show, "They (fans) love you when you are on all the covers. When you are not, they love another."

Thomas Chi
Screenplay Writer
Marilyn Manson Kills


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