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In an amazing PR coup, Erykah Badu charged with disorderly conduct [UPDATED]

Badu TMZ is reporting that Erykah Badu has been charged with disorderly conduct in Dallas where officials have accused the singer of walking through the city naked.

Background: In the soul singer's new video for "Window Seat," Badu is seen getting out of a car and taking a stroll through downtown Dallas, peeling away a parcel of clothing with each few steps as though she's losing an on-the-go round of strip poker. The singer and her film crew didn't get permission for the shoot, which has raised the ire of local authorities (and uptight, boring people everywhere). 

Honestly, the disorderly conduct charge is an amazing public relations coup. There's really no downside for her; it's not like she's Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber -- i.e. someone whose reputation would be damaged by the incident. Really, this only ensures that Badu's name will be in the news for a longer cycle, and that people who haven't already seen the video will want to see it.

UPDATED 4:28 P.M.: The Dallas Observer has posted details on the disorderly conduct charge. Dallas Police Sgt. Warren C. Mitchell said at a news conference Friday afternoon that Badu acted with "disregard to individuals nearby," according to the Observer. Furthermore, the Observer reports that the charges are filed based on "the lone complaint" that the department received, and Badu will be issued a Class C misdemeanor, which could cost her $500 in fines. 

Pop & Hiss has called the Dallas Police Department and is awaiting an official statement. 

-- Randall Roberts

Photo: Screenshot of Badu's "Window Seat" video. Credit: www.erykahbadu.com/

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true, this charge will add to media coverage. ms badu is an amazing artist, always has been, but this video is about how her curves outshine jfk's assassination, stone cold, no hands down, we all know see the star of this brilliant video.. debuts the beauty of erykah badu..

The video is not that great, artistically, it's dumb. Badu is a fine artist, but the point she's making here is muddled-- I read that she said her video is about people who are "different," and that we shouldn't judge them, let alone shoot them, martyr them, sacrifice them, but the point she's making about JFK's assassination, as compared to her "sacrifice," is what, exactly? The work she's done of late hasn't been that great, and she needed the attention (never mind that she does need to have her bra re-sized, it's riding way too high in the back, and not providing the proper support! ;). That said, to ticket her is lame, it's just that Houston got caught, er, with their pants down. Everyone's folly, let's all calm down now, and move on...

Randell Roberts your Quote>> (and uptight, boring people everywhere). IMHO You are an idiot, As far as the unattractive singer,, using city streets for profit she did not have a filming permit,,play by the rules.. BTW she is ONLY a singer..

hate 2 b 1 of the bores 'out there' but there were kids in the immediate area when they filmed the video. seems 2 me the video and song had nothing 2 to with each other, xcept to snowball badu in2 publicity she never dreamed of

If I did this as an adult male average Joe. Wouldn't I be in jail?

I always knew her music was nothing but passion based.

Works every time, btw, whence I chance the encounter of entertaining a lady-love for an evening (that's for you, you no-romance suckas out there.)

Because Ms. Badu had sunk to this low. I will not and will encourage folks NOT to buy salbum. That having been said, she's got a really nice butt!!!!!!


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