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Coachella, beyond the main stage: Baroness' 'Blue' period


Who: Baroness

Where: Savannah, Ga.

Reason to Care: Because the band’s artful 2009 album, “Blue Record,” was one of the few metal platters able to silence the incessant genre-splicing and have Hessians and hipsters alike declare it simply awesome. More tightly coiled and earthbound than its tourmate Mastodon, the quartet has a melancholic tinge at the edges that only makes the more brutal moments hit harder. But Baroness is not afraid of rock music structures either. “Jake Leg” and “Swollen and Halo” could make Dave Grohl put down his fresh pots and take notice.

Listen: “The Sweetest Curse,” in which trilling, rib-kick guitars wind around a tricky time signature and some truly anthemic edge-of-death groans. Imagine if Motorhead’s Phil Campbell joined Isis. Now imagine the bar tabs on that tour.

Fun fact: Singer John Baizley does all the band's stained-glass inspired artwork.

What's next: A spring tour with fellow Coachella metal-alums Mastodon.

-- August Brown

Photo: GLJohnson / Relapse Records

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Such a great band. Saw them live in Sydney and they blew the stage down.
Couldn't thing of a better concert than Baroness + Mastodon


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