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Coachella 2010: Naked guy redux!

April 18, 2010 |  5:16 pm

Last year, the YouTube clip of a determinedly naked man defying police orders at the festival to put his clothes back on became a viral sensation and one of the major talking points of Coachella 2009. The man dubbed the “Naked Wizard” (for the wizardly vestment he opted not to wear) was filmed being Tasered and subdued on the festival grounds, a veritable “don’t Taser me, bro” moment for the American Apparel set.

Not to be outdone in a year that the festival has gotten more expansive, on Saturday night, another naked dude rocked Coachella's tidy universe.

According to Mike Marlow of the Riverside Fire Department, a man wearing no clothing and “under the influence of unknown substances” ran amok on Avenue 50, the street behind Coachella’s Main Stage. His cardinal sin: allegedly smashing out the windows of a number of parked cars with his head. The suspect was finally cornered outside a residence (where he was smashing his head repeatedly into an iron gate and into the ground). And like Naked Wizard, the man was also Tasered by police before being taken to the hospital.

“We heard he had brain surgery this morning,” Marlow said.

-- Chris Lee