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Coachella 2010: Anthem Lagoon pool party made me self-conscious about my body

April 17, 2010 |  8:37 pm

Anthemparty Each year Coachella is the perfect excuse for Anthem magazine to throw a pool party of epic proportions. The sun-and-alcohol-soaked celebrations hosted by the glossy rag, which specializes in indie music and hipster fashion, hold a magnetic attraction for the kind of young party people who are generally found only in Cobra Snake photo galleries.

This year's party was headquartered in a palatial stucco faux-villa that reps say is owned by a chemist who lives elsewhere most of the year. The chemist thing -- true or not -- is kind of funny because the weird science of an Anthem pool party is anything but academic. Women dressed in the tiniest of bikinis ride the shoulders of tattooed men with sunburns holding metal bottles of Budweiser and fancy margaritas garnished with basil and pomegranate seeds. Pool toys -- mainly outsized inflatable rafts perfectly calibrated to keep tipsy adults afloat -- almost outnumber swimmers.

The only chemistry that counts is the kind that takes place between tanned and perfect bodies propelled toward one another by the thump of hard-driving dance music. That and the chemistry of the pool water, which resembles a murky petri dish of messy humanity. By the end of the day there is a dark glint to it, colored as it is by mud and sweat.

Inside the house another scene unfolded as those with extra-special access (mainly musicians and friends of musicians, as well as that special breed of party-goer who serves as a self-absorbed but lovely space-filler in every scene) mingled on three levels, flitting back and forth between a VIP third-floor balcony and a basement gifting suite in a home movie theater that was handing out free sneakers.

Mannequins in snazzy attire lined the hallway leading to one of the gifting suites. Tellingly, all of their pants had been pulled down to their plastic ankles. Just another day at the Anthem Lagoon.

-- Jessica Gelt

Photo: Vicky Wang and Sandra M. turned heads at Anthem Lagoon on Saturday. Credit: Jessica Gelt / Los Angeles Times.