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LCD Soundsystem's 'Drunk Girls' and 'Pow Pow' leak (just in time for the weekend)

March 26, 2010 |  5:14 pm

Murphy250 Here's a song to pitch you headlong into the weekend, made for dancing while you stand in the eternally long bathroom lines of Los Angeles. "Drunk Girls," a ticking little rager with a big bass underbelly, is one of the first leaks from LCD Soundsystem's new, still untitled album dropping May 18 on DFA/Virgin.

According to James Murphy, who recorded part of his third album at a Los Angeles mansion (funny, that's where the Pop & Hiss headquarters are too!), drunk girls are endowed and blessed with all sorts of qualities and gifts you may not have known about: the patience of saints, invitations from nations, the knowledge that "love is an astronaut." Drunk boys, on the other hand, are pure trouble, stealing from cupboards. True, we might be listening with a bias, but those are some of the lyrics.

"Drunk Girls" isn't as hellbent on capturing a generation's party moment -- or the never-ending game of musical one-upmanship -- as "Daft Punk Is Playing at My House," but to listen more than a few times is to plant yourself at someone's ramshackle house in the Silver Lake hills with a red beer cup in hand, asking to bum an American Spirit off a cute boy.

Not that we'd know anything about it!

The other track blazing around the Internets is a snippet of "Pow Pow," a cyclical mix of frosty "Remain in Light"-era funk crossed with druggy disco ready for David Mancuso's Loft.

In addition to scoring the new Noah Baumbach movie "Greenberg," LCD Soundsystem will play the penultimate slot April 16 at Coachella. There's probably some joke to be made here about the inverse of Murphy's Law, but we're not clever enough to think of it.

--Margaret Wappler

Photo of Murphy by Jake Walters