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Erykah Badu vs. Matt & Kim: Which strip-down is more realistic?

If you haven't seen it yet, the video for Erykah Badu's new single, "Window Seat," is getting a lot of attention. In it, the Dallas-based soul singer walks through the city as she takes off all of her clothes. Watch it below:

Note that the video gives a shout-out to Matt & Kim. Here's why:

There's a major difference between the two: Note how the pedestrians in Matt & Kim's video are rubber-necking the pair as they walk through Manhattan. The people are curious, aware of two naked people in their midst. Matt & Kim are obviously on the street -- naked. Note, however, in Badu's clip, that the people she passes in downtown Dallas seem unfazed, that they don't ever really look at the singer as she passes, don't register that a nude woman is walking confidently down the street.

So, the question is: Did Erykah really do what she seems to have done, or is it the result of post-production computer-generated imagery? Are the pedestrians hired extras, or is this a random, guerrilla-style clip (as Matt & Kim's appears to be)?

Regardless, "Window Seat" is a fantastic video, and the CGI, if it indeed was employed, takes little away from the impact of either the clip or Badu's confident strip-down for the camera.

-- Randall Roberts

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I don't know if Erykah really did her number Guerrilla-style, but anyone who knows anything about people in this part of the country (Texas/South US) knows that we avert our eyes when we see someone galivanting naked down the street. We pretend anything that makes us uncomfortable simply isn't there. Homelessness, poverty, nudity, the first amendment. Just look away, and it's like it never happened.
It's called manners. Think about it: If you were running naked down the street, would you want people staring? I certainly wouldn't. I'd want someone to lend me thier cell phone. Or at least have the decency to pretend I was normal.

If you look closely at the Badu video, you can see some peple reacting to her in the b.g., sich as the man who picks up her coat and shoes and runs after her. I think he was stopped by a producer/assistant on hand, but it looks pretty legit.

she's a slob

She's an artist.

It's real. You can see peopel looking at her. Ther aren't as many people in the frame but you see a few heads turn as they notcie that she is actually taking items off.


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