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Ke$ha takes over the Hollywood sign?


Ke$ha seems hellbent on pop domination. Now, she's trying to make her mark on Hollywood -- sort of.

In a new viral video the 22-year-old posted on her YouTube page Thursday, she is seen with a posse of girlfriends drunkenly making their way up to the Hollywood sign after a night of partying. She even sent out a incoherent tweet after the deed: “HwOOD $IgN I$ oFFiciaLLY My bIZnatCH!!!!! Good work2allmyHoTCULpritss!! LOOK AT THE SIGN LA!”

Armed with glitter gold spray paint, white tarps and ridiculous disguises, including animal masks, viking hats and her trademark grunge-and-feathered look, the pop phenom ignores a cop (or at least a very talented D-list actor) and hops the fence to vandalize the sign. It's ultimately transformed to read Ke$hawood, her assertion that she will soon dominate the pop world more than she already has.

But the video is really nothing more than a fun hoax. The sign is monitored 24 hours a day, which would make it pretty difficult for the ladies to get within arm's reach of the landmark -- not to mention the letters are 45 feet tall and sneaking ladders up to the site wouldn't be easy.

According to the website for the Hollywood Sign Trust, "even if you had the stamina to ascend the steep, slippery slope without falling, you could still fall victim to a lurking rattlesnake, be scratched by the rough brush or be menaced by a mountain lion."

She might have just clocked a seventh week at the No. 1 spot on the Billboard chart Thursday with "TiK ToK," but surviving a mountain lion attack? That would be tricky for any pop starlet.

- Gerrick D. Kennedy

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How do you cover this crap?? This girl is not talented at all..


What a Non- Story.

LA Times reporters, don't give up your day jobs!

She is a perfect example of everything that is wrong with music and culture in America today.

This gal just needs to go away. Desperate publicity stunts are just that. Desperate.

Really this is a music story, I thought music page was for Talent not hype machines... So Sad LA TIMES you are a becoming so TMZ...

Illiterate ranting message from a methhead.. No wonder the USA does so badly in comparison to the rest of the world. We have morons looked up to as leaders and "icons"..

Ke$ha who?

Never heard of her.

LOL, why is everyone hating on a random story, atleast nobody was hurt, mexican mafia involved, gang shooting, yadi yadi yada...

who is Kesha? Never heard of him.


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