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Give us a fastpass to Anaheim: Disney resurrects Michael Jackson's ‘Captain EO’


Pop & Hiss doesn't need much reason to call in sick and spend the day at an amusement park, but we now have another one. Though Disneyland sadly still lacks a little bit of Figment, cult characters Fuzzbucket, Hooter and Major Domo have returned to the park, as Michael Jackson's sci-fi short film "Captain EO" has officially reopened in Tomorowland. 

The 3-D film is replacing the now-stale "Honey I Shrunk the Audience." Fans have been lobbying for the return of "Captain EO" since the pop star's passing last summer, and it has been absent from the park for 13 years. But fears that Hooter, the space-alien-elephant, had eaten the original print can now be allayed (forgive the bad in-joke references to the film -- we're getting nostalgic here). "Captain EO" packs a pair of songs in its 17 minutes, as well as a score from the pre-"Avatar" days of James Horner.

"Captain EO" is arriving at just the right moment. Directed by Francis Ford Coppola, the Michael-meets-"Star Wars" mini-epic is just the perfect tonic to wipe our memories of a more recent 3-D clip involving Jackson -- the silly environmental essay that was broadcast on the Grammy Awards. As far as this blog is concerned, the only 3-D Michael we want to see is the one facing off with Anjelica Huston's Borg-like Witch Queen.

Those interested in saving the universe with funk can watch Jackson's "Captain EO" cut "We Are Here to Change the World" below. But be warned, spoilers lie beyond the jump. 

-- Todd Martens

Photo: Associated Press

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I need to take a day off so I can see Michael Jackson in Captain Eo. I remember being terrified of that film as a child, so it would be interesting seeing it again as an adult.

yeeeee :)


Thank you for the magic.
Here's some more.
Click on the link below or put it
in your address bar and see the rest
"Just Another Part of Michael Jackson."

Good on you Disney - I hope it is still there when I visit next year. Michael you were always the best and you still are.

"the planets are linin' up..." (cough) michael knew (cough cough)

anyway... i can't wait to see this again. This was actually an amazing film, WAY ahead of its time, with a Beautiful message :) captain eo uses love & music to bring international harmony. he uses his talent & compassion to try & spread peace. sort of like someone else I've heard of. ;) I love you michael!!!


Michael wasn’t allowed to be different.

His innocence, too complex for most people to understand, exposed him to liars, thieves, betrayers and opportunists – many of whom showed their true colours after his death.

After everything, it isn’t the pyrotechnics we remember, it’s not the ’short films’, the budgets, the film, the clothes, the shows – or even the controversy.

It’s him we remember. Just him. That heart, that smile, and that love.

But his death, unfair and cruel as it was – the end result of over 15 years of being treated like an animal by the media and a corrupt police department headed by Tom Sneddon – may just be the catalyst that enables us to make the leap we so desperately need to make.

And for the generations to come who will never know what we had, maybe the music and Captain E0 is as close as they will get to knowing the essence of who Michael was.

Michael did change the world – because he changed us.


Took my kids to Anaheim D'land years ago and we saw this - kids were about 8 and 10, awesome! Kids were a little intimidated but glad we went.

Are you sure it's not been there for 13 years? I know I've seen it and my first trip to LA was less than 13 years ago...

A blinding flash of 80s goodness! The hair, the makeup, the costumes -- and that's not counting Michael himself!

Oh, if only Flock of Seagulls made a comeback.

Anyway, this'll be fun for those who haven't seen it before, and a trip down memory lane to those more innocent Reagan years for those who have.

This is definitely some of the best news I've received this week! I'm very happy to see this blast from the past. And I can't wait to actually see this.

Will this be coming back to Disney World, Florida? I would definitely love to see this is 3D!! We love you Mike!

5:16 in that video above is pure LOVE!!!! =)

"he was our global treasure and our angel! yes of course we abused, used, mistreated him and took him forgranted... but he loved us anyway unconditionally, and he forgave us... he forgave us for everything... and it seems that now he's gone everyone is starting to realize who he was and what we once had.

but i dont think we'll ever know what we could have had."

well said!

The Earth Song at the Grammys a "silly environmental essay"? YOU are a "silly environmental essay" or better yest an ignorant with a closed heart. Not only Jackson's Earth Song at the Grammys was powerful, but it actually ELEVATED the mediocre stuff at the Grammys. And it was not only a powerful call for UNITY with nature and God, but also a call for UNITY OF ALL RELIGIONS. So shut up and find something to do in order to transcend your pettiness and do something meaningful for the world. Michael already did. It was L.O.V.E. Yes, the one you called crazy and creepy. That one, Michael, sent a message. And the world has heard it.

Shut the hell up POP AND HISS.

Earth Song is genius.

Just shut the hell up and get lost. Can't for LA Times to go bankrupt like the rest of the newspapers. I don't buy any newspapers or magazines.

But MJ is here to stay - FOREVER.

This is wonderful news, " I sending out a major love and this is our message to you, the planets are lining up, we're bringing brighter days... your just another part of me.." The were many parts of Michael and they all stood for good! Rip, you are The King, but your more than that, you will be remembered forever!

Yes, Michael's message was love.

Part of love is forgiveness, part of love is the laying down of hate. I am finding it hard to do that, to forgive those who crushed this man and took away everything he worked so incredibly hard for. I mean he basically didn't stop did he, he kept on working, writing, dancing, giving, trusting - but the hate and the lies and the misinformation didn't stop.

Michael was up against two formidable machines, the American media and the criminal Justice system. They came not once, not twice...not five times, but continuously over a period of 16 years. Can anyone imagine what that must have felt like, particularly to someone with Michael's temperament? Can anyone imagine how being falsely accused of the worst crime there is - must have torn this man apart?

Michael was a hero. Not because he could sing or dance, but because he kept on forgiving and loving and giving of himself - in the face of all that hate and confusion.

I have never felt this way in my life before. I think something important happened, and now the whole world is starting to realize what Michael was trying to do and say here. We weren't listening though.

We never are.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - MJ fans around the world love his creation of Earth Song. Who are you to judge differently. If your only experience with it was at the Grammys you couldn't have seen enough to guess what it was like. Go buy This Is It and get a better look. Then come back and apologize.

He was way ahead of his time with Earth Song. Sadly I never heard it till after his death, it didn't get much radio play in the U.S. I enjoyed the Grammy tribute to MJ with the 3D film and song performed by Smokey, Celine, Usher, Jennifer, etc. I watched the NAACP awards and their tribute to him was weak by comparison.

Captain EO is back!!!!!!!!!!

OMG I hope it will be availale for a while!!!!!!


Michael Jackson had the biggest heart among all artists; he was all about giving and helping the homeless,helpless and the most unfortunate people all over the world. He lived a life worthy of a front seat in heaven. The whole world loves him, it 's too bad that the land where he came from put him to shame and tried so hard to destroy him .....We'll always miss him RIP!!!

i am so glad that the captain eo is back, i have been asking you guys when is it comming back.well just in time because we want to see it.thank you for bring it back,that shows your company has a heart and your trating michaels fans well.i hope if there are other short shows you will show them too.we love michael jackson and he is still a great roll model and everyone will love him forever.no no one will take that away from his fans.we have always been behide him no matter what and nothing is going to chance that.we always knew the truth,and people are really mean in life to hurt others just for fame and money.you have alot of people come to your place help us heal the world and make it a better place for our kids,and stop of this crime and children being poor with no no food.this should make you sick like it makes everyone,because you and your disney stands for children and there lifes should be a better place then having guns, drugs, and people hating other rasices.please help us and put something on the intrernet for everyone to see and help us help the world. thank you.i love you more michael


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