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Tsar reunites at LAT HQ, releases new song

The original lineup of rock group Tsar reunited yesterday and played a set at the Los Angeles Times that included two new tunes. Los Angeles natives, Tsar was signed to Hollywood Records back in 2000 and had its self-titled debut produced by Grammy winner Rob Cavallo. Since then, the band released an EP, 2002's "King of the School," and a full-length, 2005's "Band-Girls-Money."

Along the way, the band lost its rhythm section and switched lineups, but yesterday the original members returned -- with gusto. In the coming days, Pop & Hiss will post video from a session at the LAT HQ, with Jeff Whalen and Dan Kern on guitars, Steve Coulter behind the drums and Jeff Solomon on bass. When asked where the act, winners of the LA Weekly award for best local band back in 2001, has been, Whalen quipped, "On the moon."

In the meantime, listen and download a new song, "Girls (Try To Be Cool)," below. 


Full disclosure: Tsar are good friends with the author of this post.

Update (2/3): Here is video from the set:


-- Tony Pierce

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welcome back chaps!

Hope to see and hear lots more from Tsar soon!

Tsar Rocks! So happy they're playing again!

Thank god they are still playing. The world needs them now more than ever.

I saw Tsar once and got their CD, but with no more contact, it all just seemed like a rockin' dream. Glad they're back! Go boys!

Yeah! Great news. That first album is kiiiiiiiiiiller and criminally underappreciated.

What a great band. It's so good to see them back. I'm fired up!

That's awesome. I hope that they release a CD and at least do some occasional shows. Welcome Back Tsar. You were missed!

Glad to see return of Tsar. First album is so awesome! Let's rock!!!

Where has this band been? Why aren't they releasing singles on iTunes? And generally being the awesome band that they are? WE NEED MORE TSAR!!

This is so cool! I love Tsar -used to go watch them at Spaceland back in the day. Please release another CD guys!

I was so stoked to find out that Tsar is back. Let's hear the new CD. I never wanted to break up!

- so cool to stumble upon this Tsar news on a random search. Tsar, if you're reading this, please, please rock again. We need more music from you!

Great to see them all back together again. OG guys. keep it up and lets see some tour dates. A new Album would be sinful. So lets gooooooooo. yeah. much luv.

whoo hoo!

- very cool news. Get us a CD boys!

Astonishingly underrated band. Now if they only could come to Europe..

Forget about the girls and the money for a sec, we want THE BAND!

Everyone talks about the first album. I say Band, Girls, Money was amazing. I love that disc. Great to see the band back in action. Come to Vancouver!

Man,wow...I loved this band at the end of the 90's early 2000s

They still sound awesome...


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