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Randy Jackson goes all 'Idol' on Grammys


THE LATEST: Say goodbye to Randy Jackson's Grammy tweets

If the results for the 2010 Grammy Awards aren't to your liking, perhaps "American Idol" judge Randy Jackson should share in the blame.

With Grammy ballots due back to the Recording Academy by the end of this week, Jackson appears to have skipped any last-minute cramming, enlisting the help of Twitter to make his votes for such key categories as album of the year, best new artist and -- in what appeared to be a head-scratcher for the judge -- best alternative album. 

While the actual results of his ballots remain a secret, of course, Jackson's Twitter followers appear to have helped him eliminate some artists. Voting-by-public committee would certainly seem to be frowned upon, as the final results are kept hidden until the Grammy telecast. Grammy rules allow for voters to select picks for the four general categories -- album, song, record and best new artist -- as well as eight additional fields. A Grammy spokeswoman had not yet responded to a request for comment.

After listing all of the nominees for best new artist Monday afternoon, Jackson soon had it whittled down. "Zac Brown and MGMT are going head to head," he wrote. And in the alternative field -- "this one is hard," wrote Jackson -- fans apparently helped him swipe Phoenix's "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix" and the Brian Eno-David Byrne collaboration "Everything That Happens Will Happen Today" from the contention field. 

Jackson also asked for help in song of the year -- declaring it was between Kings of Leon's "Use Somebody" and Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" -- and appears to have announced his album of the year vote. "Lady Gaga ... is winning," typed Jackson.

On "American Idol," Jackson is saved from making any final decisions, allowing the public to choose the winner. While most every award show has adopted some sort of fan-voted category, the Grammys have stayed true to their industry-voted roots, save for the occasional promotional stunt, which has been limited to performing artists.

To be fair, Jackson did appear to be taking the Grammy picks all in a bit of jest. Before wrapping up his series of tweets, he typed, "are you guys having fun?!?! hahahaha!! thanks for your suggestions... i am really reading them!!"

"American Idol" will return to Fox on Jan. 12. The 2010 Grammy Awards will be broadcast live from Staples Center on Jan. 31 at 5 p.m. EST. The telecast is tape delayed for West Coast viewers.

In additional Grammy news, the Recording Academy has added the Dave Matthews Band, Green Day, Lady Gaga, Pink and the Zac Brown Band to the performance roster.

-- Todd Martens

Photo: Screenshot of Randy Jackson's Twitter account.


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If the AI winners of past and present are any indications of Mr. Jackson's taste...it's a no brainer...he'll vote for the banal, bland, and mediocre...But then again look at all the nominees for the top 4 awards and Mr. Jackson should just write in "none of the above"...

Jackson is the 21st Century's answer to Stepin Fetchit, a grinning, ebonics-spewing throwback to an era we'd rather forget. Like a soul-bro automaton, this stomach-stapled bass player thinks he's the black Dick Clark, a hydra-headed media monster hosting dumbed-down dance competitions on MTV and marketing how-to-succeed dvd's for the mentally and talent-challenged. Isn't it enough we have to hear him say the same three sentences season in and season out -- "You made it your own, Dog!"; "That's what I'M talkin' about"; "Dude, you were the bomb."

We know musicians aren't necessarily the brainiest individuals, but Jackson abuses the concept with his hyper-limited vocabulary and his forced streetwise persona. Please replace him with someone real -- like Ice Cube or even Vanilla Ice.


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