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Ustream Broadcaster could mean more concert videos streaming live online

December 9, 2009 |  5:45 pm

KISS concert on Ustream - iPhoneWith the release of Ustream Broadcaster for the iPhone today, it's pretty safe to assume that live video is about to become a lot more ubiquitous.

After signing up for a Ustream account, users can hit the "go live" button and start streaming video from the iPhone's camera to their Ustream website profiles. The app is available as a free download and even runs on older iPhones that don't have built-in video recording features.

If you look around at what's in the hands of many folks on most nights at the Palladium or the Henry Fonda, you'll probably see quite a few iPhones. That's how L.A. rolls. Once the overhead lights dim and the stage starts rocking, countless fans scramble for their phones to snap photos or record video.

A lot of those clips show up on YouTube the next day (and some, that night), but the device-to-Web delay is about to shrink -- from hours to seconds.

Ustream Broadcaster has been available on Google's Android phones for some time, but today is when the iPhone and its massively greater number of devotees can have at it. Before, you might have found the occasional concert on weekend nights, ready to watch. Now that it's on the iPhone, you'll probably be able to watch a show from practically every angle facing the stage.

Today's release of Ustream Broadcaster is unfortunately timed for the music industry. On Tuesday night, the major labels, in a partnership with Google, launched Vevo, a YouTube for music videos. U2 frontman Bono called it "the birth of a new model for our industry." A new model that apparently hasn't accounted for live concerts.

But what does Bono care? YouTube already has him covered with streaming -- the Rose Bowl event was one of the most-trafficked streams ever. Maybe streaming is something Vevo has planned (you know, after it fixes the problems it already has), but the Ustream app gives them a reason to get moving.

Here's some homework for you Thursday night: Search Ustream for Metallica or Morrissey. Even if you didn't get tickets, you won't have to miss a beat.

-- Mark Milian

Image credit: Ustream