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Ringo Starr on Rock Band: 'I've never played it'

Ringo Starr could probably use a little help from his friends -- to learn how to play Rock Band.

The legendary Beatles drummer said in a recent interview with LP33 that he's never played the game.

"I think the game is great," Starr said emphatically in the video conversation. When asked whether he had ever played it, he revised his praise. "I think the graphics are great," he said with a laugh.

Despite being an animated character in the Beatles: Rock Band and having given authorization during its conception, he just can't seem to get the hang of it.

"I've tried," he continued. "But I get too crazy with that guitar arm and the things coming toward you," he said gesturing wildly with his hands.

He seemed to indicate that it's a sensory overload. Which is understandable, when you consider all of the bright, flashing colors streaming across the screen at any given time.

Drummers tell us that the faux percussion instrument in the game is more technically similar to the real thing than any other plastic doodad -- except for maybe the microphone. But for an aging rocker, it might be better to stick to that rock and roll music any old way you choose.

-- Mark Milian

Photo credit: Harmonix

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I think this game is amazing! Great idea from the company itself. And such an awesome piece to add to The Beatles collectibles.

Some people will buy anything.

in the same amount of time it takes to get facile with this game, one could be playing an actual instrument......

Why would he have played it? The man is a real-life rock legend. He doesn't need the fantasy.


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