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Faces to watch 2010: Ke$ha


Like many L.A. musicians, the singer Ke$ha survived her lean early years in the city by snacking on the free food offered during happy hour at Echo Park's myriad dive bars. But the singer's situation was rather different than many of her struggling peers. She was scavenging at the same time her voice was all over the radio -- she sang the chorus hook of Flo Rida's "Right Round," one of the biggest pop singles of 2009.

"We were both working with (producer) Dr. Luke and it was an accident I was even on it," said the young San Fernando Valley native, born Kesha Sebert. "I never made any money off it, that's why I put the dollar sign in my name as a joke. But I was happy being in that bar with two dollars in change wearing clothes I found in the garbage surrounded by people who love me."

Ke$ha should soon be able to treat her friends to a few rounds of PBR. Her fast-rising single "TiK ToK," a rapturously dumb electro-pop banger that makes Katy Perry sound like PJ Harvey, catalogs an epic post-party hangover where Jack Daniels is the best mouthwash.

Her debut album, "Animal," which already is a top-5 iTunes album as a pre-order to its Jan. 5 release, tackles the evergreen topics of stalking boys who don't like her and whether rad boots are preferable to male company. It also showcases some surprising pipes under all that Auto-Tune.

It's all part of a master plan, she says -- winning equal rights for women to abuse boys in songs the way dudes have done for decades.

"I'm just talking about men the way they've talked about women for years," she said. "If you listen to LMFAO, it's all about how women are pieces of meat. I find that stuff funny, so I want to do it back to them."

-- August Brown 

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This "Ke$ha" is nothing but a pale (and major label backed) imitation of Uffie, a singer of Ed Banger Records fame. Everything about "Tik Tok", from the lyrics to the video, is evidence of this fact, yet her delivery is far safer and more pre-packaged than Uffie's ever was. A cursory look at the "Ke$ha" Myspace doesn't suggest she's worked with any DJs or producers from the scene she's "borrowing" from either, further detracting from her credibility. Don't do "Ke$ha" or her major label handlers any favours until it's demonstrated that there's more on tap here than recycling another artist's image.


She reminds me of Lady GaGa for some reason........

Honestly, I hate the fact that this girl is receiving so much praise for her music. I'm not one to pick apart artists now-a-days, but she really has no talent whatsoever. I have yet to hear her actually SING anywhere for that matter. Also, any respectable artist would not want to present themselves as an alcoholic crack addict whore.

Also, Kesha, i suggest taking a shower every once and a while. The greasy hangover look youre going for is not too cute.

I agree... she could use a LONG hot shower some clean clothes and an attitude adjustment.
Its...just not cool honey sorry.

While you guys are spending your time slandering people, $he's out making millions. so, ha!

This guy can't write to save his life.
"But the singer's situation was rather different than many of her struggling peers."
Classic American-English puttering.

Emily I agree the girl needs to take a shower and clean up her look we're not slandering all we're saying is for her to please take a shower.
I can smell her from the computer screen, I like her music just not her image.

YAY! Someone who finds her as annoying as I do! Personally I think that she looks like she hasn’t taken a shower in weeks and her obvious autotuned voice don’t make up for her lacked talent either. That cocky smelly girl will be off the charts soon. There’s only so long a song can be a hit.

ERR......... to Emily B. the fact that shes making millions doesn't matter she STILL looks dirty it doesn't matter your missing the point.
They are not attacking the precious Keha only stating the fact that she looks as if she indeed needs a shower.The girl looks filthy.

Seriously dude... this chick is nasty looking.
Voice isn't much either catchy songs I'll give her that though..

Over-glorified trash.

There is no comparison -P J Harvey throws away ideas others can't reach in order to work on a higher plane.Others can't even steal from her because no one would believe their sudden eloquence.

There is no comparison , nor could there ever be , to P J Harvey.Ms. Harvey throws away ideas others can't reach in order to work on a higher plane.They couldn't steal from her plausibly.


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