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ABBA, the Stooges -- but not KISS -- make the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is opening its arms to welcome in ABBA, Genesis, the Hollies, the Stooges and Jimmy Cliff, but has given the KISS-off, for this year at least, to hard rock’s most celebrated tongue-wagging, makeup-loving band.

The Cleveland-based Rock Hall announced the 2010 inductees this morning, as a prelude to its 25th annual induction ceremony to be held March 15 in New York City.

Veteran music mogul David Geffen also will enter the hall as a non-performer, along with two of the Brill Building’s most celebrated songwriting teams, Jeff Barry and the late Ellie Greenwich and Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil.  Songwriters Otis Blackwell, Mort Shuman and Jesse Stone, the creators of dozens of early rock and R&B hits, also are gaining membership in the hall.

Besides KISS, performers that had made this year’s final nomination ballot, but who now have to wait another year for their next shot at induction are the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Donna Summer, LL Cool J, Darlene Love, Laura Nyro and the Chantels.

-- Randy Lewis

Photo: Iggy Pop. Credit: Virgin Records

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The rock hall of fame is a joke. It is nothing but politics, so we should stop making a big deal of that organization. It is like the Nobel peace prize committee or the Time Magazine committee that decides Man of the Year. Their decision to not admit the legendary band KISS shows how clueless they are.

It's a shame that the people who select RNRHOF won't consider the following talents for their long-lasting contributions to RocknRoll: Linda Ronstadt (one of the greatest voices of all time); Carly Simon; Styx; the Moody Blues, Heart (one of the best female led groups powered by the voice of Ann Wilson); the B-52s (quirky, fun and original); Los Lobos; Three Dog Night; Robert Palmer; Yes; Roxy Music; Jethro Tull (no one plays Minstrel Rock like them); Supertramp; Joe Jackson; the Cure; Depeche Mode; Joan Jett; Pat Benatar (one of the few really rockin' female rockers); the Go-Gos; En Vogue; Siouxie and the Banshees; General Public, Rickie Lee Jones and on and on...

I think it's good that KISS didn't make it. Their lyrics are stoopid and their songs are simplistic. KISS and Hall members The Ramones and The Sex Pistols have all acknowledged that their main inflence was Alice Cooper. He deserves to be there before KISS. His music is way more creative and his lyrics are thoughtful, entertaining, and inspired. I think 10CC should be in there too. I'm happy about The Hollies and Jimmy Cliff, but Abba and Genesis are marginal commercial popsters at best. Even early Genesis wasn't nearly as good as Yes, ELO, ELP, or Uriah Heep. The Stooges just weren't very musically talented. I also think of those who didn't make it the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Donna Summer, and LL Cool J aren't good enough to warrant being in any hall of fame. BUT, Laura Nyro is one of the greatest musicians of all time, and to think that Iggy 'friggin' Pop gets in before the great Laura Nyro is a cruel joke on the world. I guess Alice and Laura must try, try and try, try and try, they'll succeed at last.

and still no MONKEES?

The Stooges enter the Hall before Kiss? Perhaps there really is a God after all. Too often, institutions like the Hall are nothing but celebrations of commercial success, and as such, serve little purpose. A band like Kiss has already been adequately rewarded for their meager musical contributions with the one thing they really care about: lots of money. Recognizing the Stooges is a great way to finally acknowledge the contribution of a band that paved the way for the Ramones, Clash, Nirvana, Green Day, and many others, yet never got much in return. Kiss belongs in the Circus Hall of Fame maybe, right alongside the plaque with PT Barnum's quote about a sucker being born every minute.

Kiss=a bunch of money hungry douches


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