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You want this drama: Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance' video


So that's why she's performing at L.A.'s Museum of Contemporary Art anniversary gala this weekend. Set in what may or may not be some futuristic Russian brothel, the Francis Lawrence-directed clip for Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" just may redeem our faith in performance art.

Featuring a wide-eyed, non-so-innocent Gaga taken hostage by vodka-wielding models, as well as some twitchy, "Thriller"-like dance moves, a creepy cat, a dead polar bear and a corpse, the video for "Bad Romance" turns a retro dance song into something far more grand. And did we mention the creepy cat?

This world Gaga inhabits in the clip -- a spaceship? a spy movie? -- comes complete with tough guys wearing metal on their faces, flaming mattresses and "Futurama" hairdos. It's also a compelling one worthy of a feature-length film.

"I want your drama," Gaga sings, but she brings enough of it on her own, thank you very much. No wonder her two gigs at the Nokia Theatre at downtown's L.A. Live complex -- Dec. 21 and 22 -- are sold out.

The song, however, is still a bit of a mess. "I want your ugly" just doesn't cut it as an opening line, and the tune's brief Eastern European inflections -- played up to great effect in the clip -- disconcertingly clash with the '80s synth dance party that is the chorus.

But the video! Watch it:

-- Todd Martens


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I love it! I just love how grand everything she does is, from her crazy fashion to these epic videos. I can't get enough.


What's really amazing is how stuff like this is bought of the shelves in massive numbers.

Just terrible. The song. Lady Gaga. The "experimental" awkward video.

Thanks but no thanks.

Are those Alexander McQueen shoes?!!

It's smart and stylish and puts her so far ahead of her contemporaries. She's acknowledging many past and current influences -- Madonna, MJ, Amy Winehouse, Eurythmics, etc. -- while offering up new ideas of her own. The music is total pop dance perfection with a hook that will not get out of your head if you hear it one too many times.

And yes, the green-glitter shoes and outfit are Alexander McQueen. She debut'd this song at his recent show and the outfit she wears was the last one paraded out.

she is perity and she will go far


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