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The Adam Lambert brouhaha resulting in a sales winner


As evidenced by Miley Cyrus just a few months ago, a little controversy rarely hurts in the sales department. Adam Lambert is on track to beat retail expectations for his RCA release, "For Your Entertainment," according to early returns compiled by keeper-of-the-charts Billboard Magazine.

The artist appeared on the "The Early Show" this morning on CBS, noting that some of his more aggressive moves on his American Music Awards appearance weren't all rehearsed. "The song lyrically is sexual, and I was just performing the lyrics of my song," Lambert said. "I think in the future I will probably make a little bit more of an effort to stay consistent with what I do during rehearsal to what I do during the show. That's something I'm learning now, and that way if anyone has a problem with what I'm doing, it can be explored during rehearsal."

But all the chatter and debate isn't stopping people from picking up his first post-"American Idol" release. Billboard writes that "For Your Entertainment" should sell at least 225,000 copies when it debuts on next week's chart, and could possibly move more with post-Thanksgiving shoppers invading retailers. Lambert's promo tour continues tonight with an appearance on the "Late Show With David Letterman."

Lambert's sales will be right in line with many a recent "Idol," and will far surpass those of Kris Allen. The latter, who actually won this season's "Idol," landed at No. 11 on this week's chart, selling only 80,000 copies of his self-titled debut, according to Nielsen SoundScan, during the holiday sales season, when numbers are typically inflated. 

Perhaps Allen should scruff up his puppy-dog image. Earlier this year, teen sensation Cyrus was under attack for briefly dancing on a stripper pole during Nickelodeon's Teen Choice Awards. Yet, ultimately, the appearance bolstered Cyrus' star power, as her "Party in the U.S.A." remains in the top 10 of the U.S. pop chart. And her "The Time of Our Lives" EP has sold 780,000 copies in just 13 weeks. 

Lambert's debut week numbers should be somewhere near those for "Idol" winner David Cook, whose self-titled effort last year sold 280,000 copies in the first week. And around the same time, the self-titled effort by last year's "Idol" runner-up, David Archuleta, sold 180,000 copies in its first week.

And those who aren't a fan of either Lambert's or Cyrus' performance shouldn't lose all faith in pop music. One needs to look only to Susan Boyle, who is defying all expectations and may very well end up with the year's best debut week. That is, of course, if stores can even keep the album on shelves.

Billboard puts the sales estimate at somewhere in the 600,000-unit range, but notes that if Sony can keep the album in stock, it could skyrocket. Wrote the magazine's Ed Christman, "Based on past performances of hot-selling titles, Sony Music Entertainment likely will keep pace with demand. But it's scrambling to do so, allocating product daily and making multiple shipments this week to each account. Sony Music's ability to deliver product will be hampered by the holiday weekend, which begins Wednesday afternoon/evening."

Ann Powers discussed the appeal of Boyle in her recent review. Wrote Powers, "Since she first raised her arms in what now seems like a blessing on the talent show 'Britain's Got Talent,' revealing herself as the new queen of pop's Island of Misfit Toys, Susan Boyle has come to mean several things to her fans: hope, the triumph of the ordinary, the reality-television embodiment of the Euro-American Dream. As a singer, though, she offers something else: relief."

-- Todd Martens


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Adam's CD is the best CD I've heard in a very long time. I can't stop listening to all the songs. His compilation of songs illustrates his awesome vocal range. He is the best singer in the world. My faves are Fever, Soaked, Sure Fire Winners & Strut.

Just got Adam's CD "take one" for a birthday gift and am very disappointed. After his AMA performance (horribly sung and perfomed), I was unnerved that Adam decided it was a good business decision to alienate many of his Idol fans. Despite that, I decided to give him one more chance. After listening to this CD, I am surprised at how boring the songs are and couldn't move forward fast enough to find a good tune...which I never did. I'm afraid he'll have his 5 minutes and be gone like Ruben. He's definitely more suited to over the top Broadway productions. And please, don't go throwing anti-gay statements at me, because I have one lesbian and one bi daughter, so it's all about his juvenile vocal prowess and sleazy child of the 21st century behavior.

ok so wat he kissed a guy he is GAY so he is going to kiss guys. him kissing a guy is like a girl and a guy kissing or two girls kissing. while you dont have to agree with wat he did and you dont have to live like he does you shouldnt judge him!! you probably wouldnt be offened by a guy and a gurl kissing on stage so why be offended when the amazing adam lambert kissed a guy? he is an awesome powerful singer and he is human he is like all of us. just because his life style is diffrent dont mean we should judge him because of it. He DIDNT go to far on stage i think people just need to get over themselves he ISNT hurtin u so leave him alone and if your child saw it it is YOUR fault u should watch ur children better and more closy monitor wat they watch! leave Adam Lambert alone! he is awesome and sweet while he might be gay he is still a person with feelings and desires like the rest of us. ADAM LABERT 4 EVER !!!!!!!!!!

It was a sales winner long before the brouhaha. It was a top seller on Amazon and itunes pre-sale lists.And it is fantastic. Already both rows of his CD sold out at Target a couple days ago and they have to get more.

I am really confused about the Susan Boyle thing. For the life of me I can't understand why she is so popular. People are buying a CD of her singing all cover songs. Silent night, Wild Horses, Amazing Grace. Are you serious? I'm not saying it because of the way she looks. Because that shouldn't matter one bit. I mean she has a good voice but not that good. Houston and Leona Lewis have 10 times better voices. It's more like people are sucking right into the story.

I can understand the Miley Cyrus, Adam Lambert, Lady GaGa thing but Susan Boyle?

I did pick up Lady GaGa and Adam Lambert this weekend. Love both the CD's.

Well said TLC,Adam's performance is already backlashing on him right before his debut album is coming out, he could be on his way of being a flash-in-the pan pop star, not a good way to start a career by shooting yourself on the foot,what an ego, this newcomer thinks he's that awesome that he can pull this off ? Its obvious that the "get over it" crowd that critisize conservatives of being biblehumpers and Cro-Magnons don't run a TV network or a record lable,its America that Adam needs to win over, not just west hollywood, San Francisco or Greenwich Village, any of the commentors here figure out why something so behind the times and boring (in my opinion) like country music continues to make their stars the top earners in the industry and why NASCAR is just as popular as the NFL? because there are more of them than more of you.

Adam Rocks!! Go ahead ABC cancel away because like Rod Stewart said on the view: "It is great, it is rock and roll!" Adam is the second highest selling debut artist of the year according to Billboard. Don't think the AMAs are hurting him and don't think ABC likes it, even though they made a fortune off his appearance after advertizing and hyping him all week with a performance "you won't believe". They had the highest viewship on the AMAs since 2002. 14.2 million viewers and only 1500 complaints. What hypocrites!!

On the View?? HaHaHa.....Howl Out Loud @ JLM. Isn't that the same Rod Stewart that once got his stomach pumped????

@JLM, you make it sound that it was because of Adams "wonderful performance" is that there was 14.2 million viewers, bet ya there won't be 14.2 million viewewrs next year.

excellent point former pop music fan, there are more Taylor Swift fans out there than Adam fans, she represents more of what Americans like than Adam,and he does need to win over America not the other way around and thats what the record lable needs to consider and I'm sure they do. Its all business, something that the get over it and get used to it crowd don't understand. Right On former pop music fan!

He has nothing to worry about , i got the cd, and it is incredible, I can't stop playing it, his vocals are incrdible, insane, there are soft ballads, that make you wannna cry Soaked is a really beautiful song, every song can be a hit, and I thing Jay Leno should have him on lol, maybe his rating s would go up if he had an appearancy by Adam, he sang beautifully on Ellen, nothing bad, the cd sales and when he tours will speak for themselves, !!!!!!!!!!

It doesn't matter one bit , this cd is a hit, as we thought it would be , I have it and can't stop playing it, awesome vocals, songs, are incredible, he will sell, he has nothing to worry about, there are a variety of songs, few softer really beautiful songs, like Soaked, beautiful song, he will be just fine, he will sell , his tour next year will be super, he is sensational, this is a sensational cd with many more to come, he has a huge fan support and he knows it,!!!!!!!!!

The Cd is fantastic,, the photos are fabulous,!! so much talk, makes no sense and we have to watch and listen to that horrible rap, music they call it music, ah , lol. it is time for a new face, a new artist with a fantastic variety of music, new music, music we can dance to, hope to see him perform or have the dancers dance to one the 2 dance shows we have now, and i think Jay leno should have him on maybe then his ratings will go up, Jay have Adam on please, a big must,we will be seeing alot of this fine new Artist, and entertainer, oh yes we will.!!!!!!!!

Jay's ratings for sure will plummet if he has Adam on his show, its embarrasing enough that he has on that Ross the intern character that acts like a female.
Leno is smarter than that. He has a core audience that supports him that would never put up with what happened on AMA.

Aww, I'm soo glad Adam has sold so many! I heard it was 755,000 like a week ago or something. Imma go buy 5 to help him get to platinum!!<3333333333 :D

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