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The Adam Lambert brouhaha resulting in a sales winner


As evidenced by Miley Cyrus just a few months ago, a little controversy rarely hurts in the sales department. Adam Lambert is on track to beat retail expectations for his RCA release, "For Your Entertainment," according to early returns compiled by keeper-of-the-charts Billboard Magazine.

The artist appeared on the "The Early Show" this morning on CBS, noting that some of his more aggressive moves on his American Music Awards appearance weren't all rehearsed. "The song lyrically is sexual, and I was just performing the lyrics of my song," Lambert said. "I think in the future I will probably make a little bit more of an effort to stay consistent with what I do during rehearsal to what I do during the show. That's something I'm learning now, and that way if anyone has a problem with what I'm doing, it can be explored during rehearsal."

But all the chatter and debate isn't stopping people from picking up his first post-"American Idol" release. Billboard writes that "For Your Entertainment" should sell at least 225,000 copies when it debuts on next week's chart, and could possibly move more with post-Thanksgiving shoppers invading retailers. Lambert's promo tour continues tonight with an appearance on the "Late Show With David Letterman."

Lambert's sales will be right in line with many a recent "Idol," and will far surpass those of Kris Allen. The latter, who actually won this season's "Idol," landed at No. 11 on this week's chart, selling only 80,000 copies of his self-titled debut, according to Nielsen SoundScan, during the holiday sales season, when numbers are typically inflated. 

Perhaps Allen should scruff up his puppy-dog image. Earlier this year, teen sensation Cyrus was under attack for briefly dancing on a stripper pole during Nickelodeon's Teen Choice Awards. Yet, ultimately, the appearance bolstered Cyrus' star power, as her "Party in the U.S.A." remains in the top 10 of the U.S. pop chart. And her "The Time of Our Lives" EP has sold 780,000 copies in just 13 weeks. 

Lambert's debut week numbers should be somewhere near those for "Idol" winner David Cook, whose self-titled effort last year sold 280,000 copies in the first week. And around the same time, the self-titled effort by last year's "Idol" runner-up, David Archuleta, sold 180,000 copies in its first week.

And those who aren't a fan of either Lambert's or Cyrus' performance shouldn't lose all faith in pop music. One needs to look only to Susan Boyle, who is defying all expectations and may very well end up with the year's best debut week. That is, of course, if stores can even keep the album on shelves.

Billboard puts the sales estimate at somewhere in the 600,000-unit range, but notes that if Sony can keep the album in stock, it could skyrocket. Wrote the magazine's Ed Christman, "Based on past performances of hot-selling titles, Sony Music Entertainment likely will keep pace with demand. But it's scrambling to do so, allocating product daily and making multiple shipments this week to each account. Sony Music's ability to deliver product will be hampered by the holiday weekend, which begins Wednesday afternoon/evening."

Ann Powers discussed the appeal of Boyle in her recent review. Wrote Powers, "Since she first raised her arms in what now seems like a blessing on the talent show 'Britain's Got Talent,' revealing herself as the new queen of pop's Island of Misfit Toys, Susan Boyle has come to mean several things to her fans: hope, the triumph of the ordinary, the reality-television embodiment of the Euro-American Dream. As a singer, though, she offers something else: relief."

-- Todd Martens


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People need to learn a little bit more tolerant and embrace differences.
It is sad to see people are shutting this great talent off because they see one thing that doesn't fit their cup of tea despite the many other good things he did before. In real life we don't shut one friend or family off just because of one thing they did doesn't fits your point of view. It is sad that this society become so shallow. Jesus Chris did not shut people off either.

HDD, which puts out more accurate predictions than BB, estimates 210-230K for Adam, and generally for Idol debuts those Wednesday predictions get knocked down several thousand. Idol debuts, apparently, are hard to gauge because of heavy first day buying. HDD estimated 300K for Cook and he wound up with 280K. HDD estimated 230K for Archuleta and he wound up with 183K (although HDD placed a disclaimer on that week's sales because the first day of sales fell on a holiday, which tends to skew results higher in the estimations).

Notably, neither Cook nor Archuleta released the week of Black Friday (the highest selling week of the year), and neither released on a Monday, which Adam did. They both released on the typical new release Tuesday. So it's difficult to compare with past Idol sales regardless of where Lambert winds up. And, even without the AMA performance scandal, Lambert had a lot more promotion and TV time than either David. And Cook last year had quite a decent amount of promotion. Archuleta had about the same amount as Kris. I'm not altogether sure Lambert's sales have anything to do with the scandal. Frankly, I think he would have sold that amount with or without the hubub. His management has been working over time to make people believe that he should be cared about.

Ahhh, so now the real reason for the gay kiss comes out. It was all about record sales. Before the kiss, he probably would have sold two CDs, but now, everyone wants to see what the sideshow is about. Hopefully everyone will see what a no-talent hack his is and he'll fade away to obscurity.

Does anyone but me remember the awards program in the late 90's when Madonna was dressed in some Victorian garb and took a man too her crotch?? Also did anyone notice that CBS (love them for having Adam on!!) but they showed the film of Madonna kissing Brittney and Christina but blurred out the kiss Adam laid on his bass player on the AMAs. This is about a total double standard folks and discrimination and nothing else!!

This is all very interesting, but lets remember BB and HDD usually overstimate idols. Last year they also said Archuleta was going to sell between 225K and 240K and he sold 180k.

I actually think 225k is a bit low, considering all the buzz around Adam.
It also impresses me that no one is commenting the fact that Adam's single flopped. Yes, For Your Entertainmen the single is a radio and sales flop. Actually, it has done the worst out of any first single by any top 2 of idol. It only beats Taylor Hicks, but he never had a real first single. Every other first single (and that's 14 singles) have done better than Adam's single. Yes, media choses to forget it. It's spin after spin just to hide that Adam so far is nothing but a flop. The song he recorded for the movie is also another flop. No one is buying it or playing it or even talking about it, when so many in the industry said it was going to be a #1 hit.

Plus, How is 225k near 280k? 55k albums difference is a lot. And Cook's debut wasn't during black friday week.

I wish everyone would start being more honest about Adam Lambert and what he hasn't done so far.

I have his CD, its really good,the kind you don't have to skip tracks.Variety,&,you can dance around the house to some tracks, others more tender,vulnerable. The Official Music Video for the FYE album is lotsa fun, nothing anyone can complain about yet still smokin hot!:) Adam is good hearted,outstanding singer despite his pitchy first live show AMA, he was his usual fantastic singing self on his two songs this am on TV.-totally like his usual wonderful singing/performing artist.I can't wait to see what he does next, he is fantastic and individualistic. and when hs goes on tour, it will be magnificant. His fans will be there and all else won't and that is the way we like it.

The more BibleHumpers and conservative Cro-Magnons that Adam Lambert irritates, the better. Long may America's freedom of expression reign. And just how long have we seen heterosexuals kiss, bump and grind on network TV? Get over it.

Just go away

This is music to my ears. No pun intended.

I was wondering whether the publicity over the AMA would be better for record sales than being on GMA would have been. I guess I have my answer.

Yes, people should be a little more tolerant and embrace differences. A good defense attorney for pedophiles should look for this all embracing trait when selecting jurors.

I believe whoever is involved with these posts has left the building.

I love Adam and I love the CD . He sings like crazy and he is a sweet man. I hope his journey will be a good one from now on..I will be following.

I cheered this fella on during the American idol. Now I'm embarrassed and ashamed.

Mary's post at 2:06 p.m. below. Dear girl, it's your post that's "sick, twisted, perverted, immoral." Lambert's fans are just as good as you are - perhaps better since we wouldn't write such disgusting things about someone we don't even know. Shameful.

Oh-oh. Mary knows the whole plan..."right down to the simulated oral sex and middle fingering." That was her pretending to be the choreographer and SHE SAW EVERYTHING!! And what she didn't see, she knows because...well, she just does.

So, Mary. You think Adam's fans are sick and twisted yet you're the one suggesting a scenario involving goats and children. Grrl, you need serious therapy stat.

Thank you for such happy news! SQUEE!

I love Adam and I was terribly afraid after the AMA performance, being the pessimist I am, but I gotta hand it to him, it looks more and more like Adam knew exactly what he was doing.

The reason why Adam's single was such a flop was because about the first week or so it was released only on his official website, so people who wanted it bought it from there so the iTunes sales weren't that good for the single. It is doing better than Kris Allen's single though, on iTunes at least. But I do agree his album sales would have done fine without that AMA performance, but I do think it affected his sales a little. I did expect Adam's predictions of sales to be higher. All I know is that I have it and it's amazing, better than Kris's in my opinion.

Adam already had big sales prior to the AMA's. His cd has been in the top of Amazon and Itunes ever since it went on sale. As for Time for Miracles, it was never released to radio and was recorded for the movie. Unless you hang out on the internet you wouldn't even know Adam was singing the song. The only promotion that the single For Your Entertainment received was the debut on Ryan Seacrest's show and then nothing. Whereas Kris Allen has done promo after promo for his single and still only managed to sell 80,000 cd's.

The reason Adam's CD is doing so well is because it is a gorgeous piece of work, just like the man himself.

Mary, you seem a biased, bitter and a bit like you're trying too hard. And just wow! Great sales for a great album. I think Adam was always going to do huge numbers. He lost a few and he picked up a few with the AMA thing, but I think it's been pretty clear all along he would be a force! Big voice, big personality, bit "it" factor = record sales no matter how you look at it. And that he's close to last year's winners numbers says a lot given that music sales are down over last year. It really puts him equal if not above cook if you factor that in.

I find Adam so annoying. What a poseur! And that has nothing to do with him being gay. My favourite male singers happen to be all gay - Elton, Mercury, George Michael. The difference is that their careers were solidly built on their music talent first and foremost.

he IS the hotness. damn. so sexy. listening to his performance from the other night, I see how it could be read as provocative -- not censorable, but certainly sexual. you've gotta look past the hype and the fetishizing of male-boy-bodies & kink, and then.......dude, it hits you, and it's mesmerizing. really looking forward to see what he does in concert, sin cameras. ;)

Good for Adam, hope his European sales go well too. He is so talented. The AMA thing is so double standard. ABC is a prude and a coward. It's all silly, so he tried to be risky as an artist, all the women pop-singers have bored us to death with their cheesy sex-kitten stuff. Brit, Madonna, Janet, etc. , cannot hold a candle to Adam's vocal abilities. It was not the end of the world!

Thanks CBS! Love Maria and Harry. They treated Adam well and both (host) were so supportive. Adam is young, give the guy a chance to find his bearing. Adam has always seemed like such a really nice guy.

Lambert's CD is great. Very addictive due to the varied songs and his VOICE which is so amazing.

Perhaps the fact that Amazon is selling Lambert's CD for a paltry $3.99 (or 99 cents with their $3 off coupon!!!) has something to do with the great sales. LOL. RCA/19E is buying this good opening sales week for Adam. If he doesn't sell well they will look like the fools they are.

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