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Taylor Swift's 'Saturday Night Live' promos come with and without Kanye jokes

Days before she begins her blessed award-season run with an appearance at next week's Country Music Assn. Awards, country darling Taylor Swift will make a stop in New York to host "Saturday Night Live." NBC has posted Swift's teasers for the show, which come complete with the requisite Kanye West joke.

Here's hoping that means it's out of everyone's system. Swift will pulling a double shift on this weekend's "Saturday Night Live," playing host and musical guest.

Next Wednesday, Swift will compete for entertainer of the year at the CMA Awards. The prize has gone to Kenny Chesney four of the past five years, but Swift is the undisputed country star of 2008-2009, and Pop & Hiss wouldn't bet against her. She set a Billboard record this week, scoring eight cuts on the single's chart, the most ever in a single week by a female artist.

--Todd Martens


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I thought she accepted his apology already??? It seems like she is trying to milk sympathy as long as she can and its getting annoying. Kanye made a mistake but lets try to remain honest with our selves, millions of people thought the same thing but wouldn't have done what kanye did. At first I felt bad for Taylor but now not so much , please build a bridge and get over it!!!!!

I recently heard Kid Rock sing a country song on one of the too many media sources that I own in this Electronic Age.I have always had an Axel Rose impression of him which is of no importance to me really but everybody has noticed Kid Rock acting up at times. I am a professional music critic and as such I must admit that I admired his style as a vocalist and after that one experience listening to him perform his music, I must say I was overly impressed with his abilities as a catchy and versatile recording artist. He is, after all, from Michigan the musical growing ground.

As a professional music critic I posted my first comments on American Idol in 2005 but with few exception, evaluated Idol and how I felt the program formatted the music business.I rarely reviewed the performers themselves. I am watching Taylor on SNL as I write and actually, pushing 60 this is the first time I have seen her sing which is not unusual in view of the fact that I am still enjoying Peggy Lee and her Black Coffee Album. I did witness the Kanye West incident and at first was aggravated with him. Within hours Ms. Swift was pitching her Cd's on the View and Kanye was Jay Leno's first guest. Neither celebrity seemed worse for wear. Shortly I began to resent Kanye being presented as a buffoon and the fact that he was not present on SNL tonight makes me wonder whose decision that was.

Okay, you gotta admit that monologue song a.k.a LA-LA-LA was really adorable, wouldn't be any better if Taylor swift is not the one who sang that song!
as for the anti-fans who say its booring... I say, "are you kidding me? You should open your eye balls a little bit and turn-on your sense of humor even once"

All the juiciest info plus the firelight video: Twilight Spoof: http://bit.ly/taylor-swift-on-SNL-monologue-song-plus-firelight-video

Never seen Swift as a vampire... LOL..peace out!

What's the big deal? She just poked a little fun at the incident. What, she's never supposed to mention the incident for the rest of her life and make a little light of it? Take a pill people.


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