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On the charts: Michael Jackson leads 12 newcomers onto the top of the tally

Michael Jackson

Foretold to land atop the chart from the moment it was announced, the two-disc souvenir to the behind-the-scenes concert film "Michael Jackson's This Is It" has bowed at No. 1 on the U.S. pop chart. The hits collection can still be had for less than $10 at some major retailers, and fans were quick to pick it up, this despite the fact that Jackson's "Number Ones" has been a mega-seller since Jackson's death in late June.

All told, "Michael Jackson's This Is It" sold 373,000 copies for Sony Music, according to Nielsen SoundScan, leading a charge of 12 new albums on the U.S. pop 200. As of Monday, our sister blog Company Town reported that the film "This Is It" has grossed $34.4 million in the U.S. and $103 million worldwide.

Meanwhile, Jackson's "Number Ones" sold an additional 32,000 copies this week. After Jackson's death, "Number Ones" surged to the top of the charts. It sold more than 440,000 copies in the 10 days after his death, and may well end up as 2009's top-selling album.  

The 373,000 copies sold by "This Is It" made it one of the year's top debuts. Albums with better openings include U2's Interscope effort "No Line on the Horizon" (484,000 copies), Dave Matthews Band's RCA release "Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King" (424,000 copies), Eminem's Aftermath/Interscope release "Relapse" (608,000 copies) and Jay-Z's Roc Nation/Atlantic offering "The Blueprint 3" (476,000 copies). 

Billboard reports that this is Jackson's sixth No. 1 on the U.S. pop chart. It's also, reports Billboard, the artist's best sales week since "HIStory" debuted with 391,000 copies to lead the chart in 1995. 

"Full Circle," the return of '90s hard rockers Creed, fares well. The Wind-Up Records album debuts at No. 2 after selling 110,000 copies. Yet that six-figure tally is long removed from the arena-sized tallies Creed put up with 2001's "Weathered." The latter opened at No. 1 after selling 887,000 copies and held at No. 1 for its first eight weeks in stores. 

Apparently there are still people in this world who do not own Taylor Swift's Big Machine effort "Fearless." Either that or fans weren't offended by the re-release of her 2008 CD as a "platinum" edition, now with bonus tracks and a DVD. The album sold close to 110,000 copies this week -- just a few hundred fewer than Creed's -- and to date the various configurations have sold about 4.1 million copies. The high sales move Swift up to the No. 3 position on the chart from No. 7.

Also new in the top five is Rod Stewart's "Soulbook" (J Records), which lands at No. 4 with 84,000 copies. Theatrical rock group -- and holiday season fave -- Trans-Siberian Orchestra enters at No. 5 with "Night Castle." The double-disc rock opera sold 83,000 copies in its debut week.

Other notable newcomers in the top 20 are:

-- Sting's holiday effort "If on a Winter's Night" (Deutsche Grammophon) bows at No. 6 after selling close to 80,000 copies. It didn't receive the kind of fanfare that Bob Dylan's "Christmas in the Heart" did, but is off to a better start. In three weeks on the tally Dylan's Columbia effort has moved 73,000 copies.

-- Jack Johnson's live effort "En Concert" (Brushfire) enters at No. 11 with 39,000 copies sold.

-- Rapper Tech N9ne muscles his way to No. 14 with his "K.O.D." (Strange Music). The album sold just under 30,000 copies.

-- Oscar favorite Swell Season -- the duo from the movie "Once" -- enters at No. 15 with its Anti- Records debut "Strict Joy." The album sold 28,000 copies. 

-- Australian hard rock band Wolfmother lands at No. 16 with "Cosmic Egg" (DGC Interscope), an album that finished just shy of 28,000.

-- Bay Area-bred adult pop band Train motors into No. 17 with its "Save Me, San Francisco." The act's first album in three years, released on Columbia, sold 27,000 copies.

-- Former indie metal rock group Atreyu enters at No. 18 with "Congregation of the Damned" (Hollywood). It's the act's fifth studio album, and one that opened with about 25,000 copies sold.

-- Rounding out the top 20 is R&B singer Brian McKnight, whose "Evolution of a Man" (E1) enters with 24,000 copies sold.

-- Todd Martens


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Photo credits: Top: Associated Press. Bottom: Sony Pictures.
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I love you, MJ. You will always be remembered.

I cannot believe tii sold so much and there is nothing new on it, except the movie score. ONLY THE KING OF POP can do that. Just amazing.

am so happy that micheal jackson the king of pop still rules even though he is rested to peace. i love u great things were to come a head but your days were near and your smilling somewere with new family and warld that will love you without u surffering and i miss you alot,and i just can't stop loving you.

saw the movie las nite, MJs voice still the sweetest and the concert had it gone ahead would have been th greatest show on earth miss u MJ you were the greatest showman on earth and now in heaven julie b

i luv u jackson

michael u're sooo amazing
i love you so much
i wish you didn't have to go :'(

I hate SONY, Tommy Mottola, AEG, RANDY PHILLIPS, KENNY ORTEGA, the JACKSON trustees and ALL
that “caused” this to happen.
“for the love of money is the root of all EVIL”
And participate in anything attached to SONY
Ever AGAIN (( damn you ))

Congratulations, sweet, beautiful Angel. I know you are watching. We are very proud of your achievements. Yes, even in your absence you are the best.

You left us, but left us full of L.O.V.E. Now you can rest and sleep in peace.


He SUBJECTED to this abomination????????????????

I will LOVE MR. M.I.C.H.A.E.L. JACKSON forever
My “”heart”” is BROKEN

Congratulations my dear beloved Michael... Once again you reign at Number One! Is anyone really surprised? Michael Jackson...the UNDISPUTED KING OF POP.... our hearts are stil aching for you! THE KING OF HEARTS!

The This Is It CD is excellent and "yes" MJ fans may already have these songs on other CD's . . . but I'd like to point out that the This Is It CD provides digitally enhanced tracks and I can totally hear the big different. The second CD is priceless and it is wonderful to hear MJ's voice on his Poem track. This CD is awesome. And this weekend will be my third time seeing his movie and I have pre-ordered five DVD's for Xmas gifts.

Love you MJ !

I agree with the poster who is no longer buying ANYTHING sony. I feel the same way. Practically every single electronic item I have bought that has 'sony'
printed on the side is a piece of junk anyway. I went through TWO flat screen TVs in 3 years time due to unfixable defective parts. Now that Sony's machinations to acquire MJ's song catalog and the huge debt they enabled him to run up against said catalog could very well have contributed to his death, don't try to tell me that Sony isn't a front for something much worse. Boycott sony.

To the poster jj, what exact "abomination" was he "subjected to"? This article is about his album sales. If you're referring to his death...nobody "subjected" him to any of the dozens of drugs pumped into his body. He told them to do it. If doctors told him no, he shopped around to find one who said yes. I loved the man for his talent, but he was no angel! I mean, someone on here is actually blaming Sony and AEG...I'm just shaking my head.

I love you Michael Jackson, you were the greatest performer of the 20th Century. I saw your movie and cried at the end because I knew it was the last time you would ever be seen performing live and the loss is so great. I am getting your CD because of the new song "This Is It" (2 versions) and some really nice demos as well as your spoken "Earth Poem". I will treasure the cd as a collectors item along with the 30 page booklet of your last rehearsal pictures. You were a big part of my life from 1970 when I first heard your voice singing on my parent's car radio. I loved you ever since. I will also get the movie on DVD when it comes out next year. I will never forget you, love you, a lifelong fan. r.i.p. sweetie. xxooxxooxxoo

A respectful message to those who still doubt Michael jackson’s innocence or who need more information:

There is a reason why a depth charge of anger and grief has ignited in the hearts of millions of people. I do not mean to offend who believes the opposite in any way, but I just have to speak up. Does anyone really believe that the millions talking about the miscarriage of justice Michael Jackson suffered would be prepared to overlook peodophilia just because he was talented? Because I certainly wouldn’t. The American people need to know they were effectively brainwashed by the relentless onslaught of media coverage and endless rotation of hearsay and outright lies that so-called journalists like Diane Dimond, Nancy Grace, Maureen Orth and the Smoking Gun online tabloid – amongst others, inflated into a storm of such unprecedented hostility it would convince Mr Jackson’s legal team that it would be better to settle than fight in court in 1993. In hindsight, that decision was a huge mistake. In the 2005 trial, the prosecution introduced the 1993 allegations into the trial evidence to bolster their case, this enabled Meseareau to revisit the circumstances of those allegations. Mesereau was able to satisfy a conservative jury that there was no validity to them whatsoever. Of course, little or no coverage was given to this fact, just as no attention was paid to the facts or motives of Evan Chandler or Janet Arviso. While it is understandable due to the sheer level of misinformation and non-investigation of Michael’s accusers: (Can anyone think of a single article apart from Mary Fischer’s ‘Was Michael Jackson Framed?’ that asked any serious questions about the credibilty of Michael’s accusers?); – that the myth of sexual deviancy still persists about Michael Jackson - it’s just not acceptable for this lie to stand any longer. It has caused so much pain to so many people, including Michael, and it undoubtedly precipitated his dependency on tranquillizers and ended his life earlier than the norm. There is information out there, information, I might add, that has more weight and substance than the inflammatory nonsense that has been peddled for years by the majority, if not all the American media. I am asking people to please go their local bookstore and order Aphrodite Jones’s book ‘The Michael Jackson Conspiracy,’ read Mary A Fischer’s article, go to the silencedtruth website and read Cory Rooney’s comments in the ‘Remember’ section, read Brian Oxman’s statements about Michael Jackson in The Huffington Post,and read the substantial legal criticism of Tom Sneddon’s years-long vendetta to prosecute Michael Jackson that is detailed in the archive section of the New York Times and many other publications. Millions of dollars of American taxpayers money were spent by Sneddon in an attempt to find corroborating witnesses to the so-called alleged crimes of Michael Jackson – an extraordinary amount, considering Sneddon found none. Out of the thousands of children Michael Jackson helped, two alleged molestation and one man linked both investigations. For most reasonable people these statistics should ring a huge alarm bell. Janet Arviso and her son Gavin both admitted on the stand in 2005 that Janet Arviso had made her son lie to support her false claims that she had been sexually assaulted by staff in a J C Penny store, after she and her children had been caught shoplifting. Unlucky? Or just a family with a unnatural propensity for being in the wrong place at the wrong time? The Arviso v J.C Penny case I mentioned, by the way, can be found by googling it and in American law journals. I could go on, my point is this; people need to be asking questions right now – that is, if they want to know the truth. The movement for Michael’s vindication is about enabling truth to come to bear on something that has needed exposing for a very long time, not about excusing serious crimes because of how well somebody sang. What was done to Michael Jackson must never be forgotten - and all those who talk about him being a child molester know not of what they speak. Please ask questions, find out the answers for yourself, don't let a ratings -driven media make up your mind for you. That is all I ask.

And the film?
Beyond beautiful?
I just wish the ending was different
I always will.


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