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Album review: Weezer's 'Raditude'


To those taken aback by Rivers Cuomo's newfound embrace of songs about slaying honeys in the club while downing Patron shots on "Raditude," he has this to say to you -- "If you was me honey, you would do it too."

Grammar aside, there's a real kernel of truth to this lyric. Name any neurotic, lovelorn bedroom rocker who, upon achieving unlikely arena-filling status, wouldn't take full advantage of having Lil Wayne on speed dial, as evidenced by the rapper's cameo (Weezer and Weezy, get it?) on "Can't Stop Partying."

The weird aftertaste of "Raditude" isn't that Cuomo has so surrendered the oddball charm of his band's first two albums, though. It's that his late-career pursuit of mindless, opulent fun is so transparent that it almost taps a deeper vein of interior sadness than anything on "Pinkerton." Imagine a kind of "Sunset Blvd." set amid the stuccoed wreckage of post-'90s KROQ stardom.

Cuomo still turns out more functional hooks before his breakfast tequila than most bands get in a career. "(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To" and "Put Me Back Together" reclaim gum-snapping pop-punk from Weezer's myriad hijackers. But how does one appropriately respond to tracks like the buffet-soundtrack sitar jam "Love Is the Answer" and the Warrant-worthy ode to post-puberty "The Girl Got Hot?" 

Maybe just relax and order a double.

-- August Brown 

Two stars (Our of four)

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I am afraid Weezer just suffers from extremely bad band chemistry. This is what is happening. Rivers writes a song, then he shows it to the band and they actually make it much worst. I guarantee you if Matt Sharp was in the band they would not be this bad. Matt has taste, something that the other members don't have. And I have heard the argument that Matt didn't write any of the songs. Well that argument doesn't hold up, because anybody in music knows that it is a very temperamental thing, and the slightest change can completely ruin a song, whether its a note, groove, or singing. Matt was huge for the band. He even says that if the band sucks now it is probably because of bad band chemistry. And he did more than Rivers on Suzanne and You Gave Your Love To Me Softly. Good Songs! The Rentals are more respected then Weezer. In fact they sound now more like Weezer should sound now. Pat is a great drummer, but he SHOULD STAY ON THE DRUMS! Brian and Scott are where everything goes wrong I am afraid. When I listen to music I am listening for something that is special. This is garbage. People that like this music will love the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus because that is the type of music it is. Weezer should have been remembered as a band like The Pixies, not like Sugar Ray. It is amusing. I will say that. I don't think they could make Rivers sound any worst. It's funny though. Good music it is not.

That's funny Travis, I was thinking the same thing. As I listened to some songs on the album, I pictured the trailer for some movie on the Disney Channel with the Weezer track in the background. Other songs sounded like really mediocre freshman frat party music. I think we caught a glimpse of Scott and Brian's influence on their tracks on the Red album. They were the worst on the album. And Rivers should....not....rap! The nerdy white guy thinking he's 50 cent just isn't that funny anymore.
On a side note, I saw Weezer in concert a few years back and for the encore they just came out and played with their equipment to make as much deafening feedback as possible, then just the stage with the feedback still going. I definitely agree that Rivers likes to push the envelope and see how far he can push his fans. I also noticed that Weezer's last album came out about the same time as the last Twilight movie, and now this one came out the same time as the new Twilight movie. Coincidence? Mediocrity comes in pairs.


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