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U2 to live stream Sunday's Rose Bowl concert [UPDATED]

Not one of the 95,000 or so people descending upon Pasadena this Sunday for U2's 360 gig at the Rose Bowl? The band has thought of you too. Or, perhaps more accurately, you will benefit from the filming of the concert for an upcoming DVD release.

In an e-mail blast sent out to fans today, U2 announced that it will stream Sunday night's concert on YouTube. The show begins at 8:30 p.m., Pacific time.

UPDATED 1:25 P.M.: Chris Maxcy, director of YouTube partner development, said the Google-owned video streaming site is still determining whether there will be ads during the live stream and if so, what type.

He did confirm that the concert will be archived and available to view after it streams live. There will be overlay ads on the archived version.

This marks the first time that YouTube is streaming a full length concert live.

As previously reported, Sunday's U2 gig will be the largest-ever attendance for a concert at the Rose Bowl. The design of U2's 360 stage allows for a whopping 95,000 people to attend. Typically, Rose Bowl concerts top off at about 65,000 people. U2 will sport the venue's largest crowd since the 1994 World Cup Final, according to Rose Bowl reps.

The reps are plotting for all sorts of parking madness, so plan ahead. Detailed information is available on the Rose Bowl website.The deadline to purchase advance parking is Tuesday.

-- Todd Martens

(Thanks to Ben Fritz over at Company Town for supplying more information on the YouTube stream.)

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I don't need to wish the lads the very best this time around since it's sold-out everywhere, but I'll be skipping the monster truck (I mean 360 claw)tour.

Popmart finished me for good on stadium shows and the Rose Bowl is a pathethic venue for live music even at the impressive $750,000/day the boys are spending to mount this beast. I'm sure it'll look great but the sound will be a guaranteed crap.
Bring the tour back next year to Staples!

Actually, it should break ALL attendance records at the Rose Bowl, with a crowd of 96,000, whereas the aforementioned World Cup had a crowd of just over 94,000.

U2 isnt a good live band..
Bono still needs his security blanket of tv screens, etc
after all these years he still looks uncomfortable onstage, doesnt know what to do with his hands while singing
no thanks

Not happy with the idea of another US DVD release.

Wow! There sure are a lot of wankers commenting! This is great news and it will make being there even more special knowing that there'll be a DVD made. Add to that the live streaming and it'll be a great global event!!!!

Andy, you probably don't watch the Rose Bowl game every New Years, but at least in the 70's and throughout the 80's the old classic SC vs. Ohio St. or SC vs. Michigan had 103,000 to 106,000 people.

Screw the haters. U2's still the best. Still @ the forefront. Deal with it!

I was in the inner circle at the Chicago opener (9/12) and the Atlanta show (10/6). Both shows were absolutely amazing! The guys put on a great show - lots of fun. At times I felt like I was on stage with them. And, there's nothing like a U2 audience.

The sound was great too, thanks to a well designed sound system. When I left my ears did not hurt. That was a first for me.

I'll be buying GA tix for a 2010 show, but I sure wish I could be in L.A.

For those who are going for the first time, you'll have great time!

I saw U2 in 1992 (Zoo TV Tour) & thought they were past their prime ... figured they would have retired by now ...


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